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How to Use CANoe as DoIP Tester to Address my ECU

Last updated: 2017-07-12

How can I use CANoe as DoIP tester to address my ECU?


This example contents two configurations that simulate an ECU answering to the DoIP Diagnostic Requests sent by CANoe Tester on a VLAN based Ethernet network. 
The diagnostic requests can manually be sent with the Diagnostic Console of CANoe.

  • The DoIP_noDHCP_VLAN_1Node configuration has got a "DummyECU" node that answers to the Diagnostic Request sent using DoIP.It uses a CANoe TCP/IP stack.
  • The DoIP_DHCP_VLAN_1Node configuration has got a "DHCPServer" node working as a simple DHCP server for a VLAN based Network and dynamically setting the IP Address of the network with VLAN within a configurable range, defined in the Start Values Window.

    The "DHCPClient" node is an ECU simulation using a CANoe TCP/IP stack and answering to the Diagnostic Request.The available DHCP Addresses are displayed in the "DHCP Panel" and can be initialized using the "Environment / Start Values" Menu bar for the Variables "AddressRangeStart" and "AddressRangeStop".

    After measurement start, the "DHCPClient" panel display the set IP Address.

For more details on the settings done in both configurations, please consult the Support Note.

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