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Individual Naming of Logging Data Files with MLserver

Last updated: 2019-05-15
How can I get logging data files exported with MLserver having recording date/time or vehicle names in their filenames?

Use the CLexport.exe option CLexportHandler (cf. CLexport.exe call without parameters):

CLexportHandler=C:\x\MyHandler.bat specifies a local rename handler.

Therefore create a batch file and pass its path in the clexport.exe option. E.g. you can create the batch file in the MLserver root data directory, i.e. the folder above all readout folders and vehicle folders.

Clexport.exe calls the batch file after each exported destination file and passes information about the just exported logging file as arguments. The batch file can use these arguments to rename the logging file as desired. E.g. to rename the logging file by vehicle name and recording date/time the batch file could be like this:

@echo off 
REM WINDOWS needs a SHIFT to access the 10th parameter!
echo .
echo Param 0 = original file        : %0
echo Param 1 = data file folder     : %1
echo Param 2 = CLF file base name   : %2
echo Param 3 = car name             : %3
echo Param 4 = recording date/time  : %4
echo Param 5 = recording index      : %5
echo Param 6 = split file number    : %6
echo Param 7 = file extension       : %7
echo Param 8 = file start date/time : %8
echo Param 9 = file end date/time   : %9

set target=%3_%4_%5
if NOT "%6" == "1" set target=%target%_Part%6
ren %0 %target%%7

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