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License for Logging Data Transfer to MLserver

Last updated: 2019-05-06
When do I need an Online Data Transfer license to transfer logging data from a GL Logger to MLserver?

For GL2000 series:

You always need the license. No matter if you use the 3G router or Ethernet. 

For GL3000/GL4000 series:

If you use 3G with the GLA320 modem, no license is required. The license is carried on the GLA320 hardware.
If you use Ethernet, Wi-Fi or a 3rd party 3G router (e.g. when operating the logger outside the EU and North America)…

  1. … and you use only Connection Request, i.e. stop logging when uploading data
    -> No license is required
  2. … and use Transfer Request, i.e. continue logging while uploading data 
    -> License is required

For both logger series, if you order the license along with the logger hardware, the logger is delivered with pre-installed license. To upgrade the logger later on, the license can also be ordered separately and be installed by the user itself with the Vector Logger Configurator. When ordering the license separately, please specify logger type and serial number in your order. 

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