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How to Send Manually Defined Diagnostic Service Requests Using CAPL

Last updated: 2019-11-04
I have a diagnostic description which does not contain all diagnostic services which I need to use. How can I additionally send manually defined diagnostic service requests using CAPL? How can I send those diagnostic requests periodically?

In the Diagnostic Console, it is possible to Create raw values and manually send the new diagnostic requests. 

If you want to send additionally defined diagnostics services using CAPL, the best way is to:

  1. First add an Additional Description to extend your diagnostic description (CDD, ODX/PDX or MDX) with new diagnostics services using a Basic Diagnostics Description.


    Additional descriptions are a feature that has been introduced for CANoe 9.0
    The following example code shows you how to periodically send such a request using CAPL:

      mstimer tVoltageRead;

    on timer tVoltageRead
      diagRequest ECUIdentifier.DID_Voltage_Read req;


    on start
        setTimerCyclic(tVoltageRead, 500);


  2. Define the desired services in the Editor and add them to the new created Diagnostics Console.

  3. In the CAPL Symbol Explorer, the additionally defined services can be found and used in your CAPL Code to send the Request using SendDiagRequest:

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