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How to Visualize my Video Streaming Using CANoe/CANalyzer

Last updated: 2018-06-18
How can I visualize my Video Streaming using CANoe/CANalyzer?

From CANoe 9.0 on it is possible to display video streaming content. For this proceed like following:

  1. Open a new Ethernet configuration:
  2. Open a new Panel
  3. Choose in Toolbox a Media Stream Control, add it into the Panel, define its size using the mouse and its Media Stream ID (see also the note below)
  4. There are two possibilities for the CANoe Options settings, depending on the used Transport Protocol:  AVTP (see 4.a) or RTP (see 4.b)
    • 4.a Adapt if necessary CANoe to the used AVTP Version and Ethertype:

      The Ethertype can be read in the trace like following:

      The Stream ID is part of the Stream Ethernet Frame that are transmitted by the camera and can be read in the Trace Window (see below). If you need help, please send us a logging file containing the stream.

    • 4.b In case of RTP Video Streaming, adapt if necessary the RTP and RTCP ports like following:

      The ports are the destination ports from the camera point of view and can be read out of the UDP frames in trace like following, whereas the RTP frames are the most frequent ones:

      Once the ports are correct, the RTP and RTCP frames might be observed in the trace and the stream is seen in the Media Stream Control.

      The Ethernet IP/RTP/RTCP Column layout in trace is then best appropriate.

The trace shall at least contain one RTCP frame that shall have an AVB RTCP Packet making out of the stream an automotive compatible stream according to IEEE1733 - (see also the following screenshot)

If you do not know the Media Type of your video stream please proceed like indicated in KB Article 981.
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