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How to Set a DiVa System Condition Using Private CAPL Code

Last updated: 2018-10-02
How to set a System Condition using a CAPL code that you have developed on your own, please proceed like following:
  1. Define a System Condition and the name of the CAPL program:
  2. Attach the System Condition (named test in our example) to the concerned service (e.g. 10.02 like indicated below for DiVa 4.0) either to Programming Start or only for one of the sub-categories like Automatic State Change or ValidRequest. Please note that the setting of System Condition will always be done before 10 02 session will be called. It is not possible to have it done just once.
  3. After generating the DiVa tests and importing it in CANoe, you will find the test module that has been generated extra for the CAPL code like following:
  4. You can then open it with the CAPL editor in CANoe and will see the following structure that has been defined by DiVa:
This YouTube video

shows how to use System Conditions to test in the required operation mode.
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