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How to Disable Flow Control Frames in CANoe

Last updated: 2019-05-28
How can I disable Flow Control Frames on CAN in CANoe? 

There are two diagnostic channels available in CANoe:

  • built-in diagnostic channel
  • CAPL Callback Interface (CCI) in combination with the Transport Protocol (TP) DLL

The diagnostic windows (Diagnostic Console, Fault memory, Session Control and OBD-II window) are always using the built-in diagnostic channel. Test Modules and Test Units are able to be used both ways alternatively. While CANoe versions up to 9.0 SPx mandatorily need the CCI for simulating ECU diagnostics, CANoe 10.0 and higher also offers the built-in diagnostic channel for simulation nodes.

Unfortunately it is not possible to disable the sending of Flow Control Frames within the built-in diagnostic channel as soon as it was opened once e.g. by sending a diagnostics request from the Diagnostics Console. But with the CCI in combination with the TP DLL you can disable Flow Control Frames issued by a Network Node. Please find below a description how to achieve this with a Network Node simulating a diagnostics tester on CAN.

  • Add the CAN-specific TP DLL to the Network Node first.
  • Choose Configuration… from the context menu:
  • Select the tab Components and add the DLL (osek_tp.dll) to the node.
    The DLL resides in the EXEC32-folder of your CANoe installation:
  • Add the following CAPL code to the node:

  // Include file for the CAPL Callback Interface (CCI)
  #include "Diagnostics\CCI_CanTP.cin"

  // Define constants necessary for the CCI reference implementation 
  char gECU[20]="Tester"; // Node Qualifier
  int cIsTester=1;        // This is a tester node

on start
  diagSetTarget("ECU"); // Set the target ECU

  // Connect the diagnostics channel defined by CCI to the ECU
  // (alternatively, this could be done by simply sending a diagnostics request)

  if (diagConnectChannel()!=0) write("Error when trying to connect the Diag channel!");
  else write("Diag Channel connected!");

  // Disable Flow Control Frames. gHandle is defined in the CCI
  CanTpUseFlowControlFrames(gHandle, 0);

  // Network node used as diagnostics tester is completely quiet from here ==> a segmented response from the ECU cannot be received anymore
  write("FlowControl switched off for tester node!");

on key 'd'
  // Activate Flow Control Frames again before resuming diagnostics
  CanTpUseFlowControlFrames(gHandle, 1); 
  write("FlowControl activated again!");

  // Diagnostics communication to be added here, e.g. sending a diagnostics request to ECU


Now the Tester Node will not send Flow Control Frames anymore.

If the usage of Flow Control Frames is deactivated, all communication partners must be aware of this deviation from the standard! Otherwise all segmented data transfers will fail. Therefore, as soon as the Tester Node needs to communicate with an ECU using the CAN Transport Protocol, it will be necessary to activate sending Flow Control Frames again using CanTpUseFlowControlFrames(gHandle, 1); 
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