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Finding Correct Assemblies (DLLs) after the Installation of Newest Version

Last updated: 2019-06-03
When opening a vADASdeveloper project (e. g. with vADASdeveloper v2.5.10) which initially was created with an older version of the software (e. g. v2.5.0), an error message might be displayed telling that one or more DLLs could not be loaded.

To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Close Visual Studio.
  2. Make sure that the affected DLLs (refer to error message) in the following location have the correct file version: %localappdata%\BASELABS\SDK\Bin
    The file version of the present DLLs must correspond with the (newest) installed version of vADASdeveloper.

    To verify a single file, use the file’s Properties window (right mouse-click on file and select Properties) of the Windows Explorer:

    To quickly verify multiple files, add the File Version column to your Windows Explorer:

  3. What to do, if file versions are correct/incorrect:
    1. If the files have the correct file version, delete all files and folders within the following paths:
      • %localappdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\<Version>\ComponentModelCache 
      • %localappdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\<Version>\Designer\ShadowCache
    2. If the files have an incorrect file version, the desired (newer) version of vADASdeveloper has to be installed.
      1. First uninstall the previous version of vADASdeveloper (the one with the older file version).
      2. After the uninstallation, before installing the newer version of vADASdeveloper, make sure that the following folders were deleted by the uninstall routine:
        • %localappdata%\BASELABS\SDK\Bin
        • %localappdata%\BASELABS\VisualStudio

If the folders are still existing, please delete them manually before continuing with the installation of the newer version of vADASdeveloper.

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