Unsuccessful Copy of a Block Instance During Sector Switching Process

What happens if copying a block instance during a sector switch was not successful e.g. due to hardware problems or brown out?
In case a block instance could not be copied successfully during a sector switch, because a brown out occurred later, the Fee tries to copy the next block and does not try to copy this block again.
  • After a brown out, no valid instance of this block is in flash.
  • The next read delivers no data for this block and block invalid as result or ROM defaults are loaded or InitBlock Callback is called in case it is configured.
  • Only the MICROSAR Standard Fee uses a Sector Switch mechanism.
  • Brown out: If a physical data flash cell is described during undervoltage, it might be that the voltage is initially sufficient to write the cell. It might even be that the correct data can be read with the next read access to this cell. But because the voltage was not sufficient to store the charge permanently in the cell, it might be that at a later unpredictable time, the cell loses its charge again. A read access following this event could not read the data. If you read this data later, the behavior of hardware is undefined.

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Last updated: 2018-07-24
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