Database Selection for Vector Logging Converter

The Vector Logging Converter can convert message based .BLF or .MF4 logs into signal based .MF4 logs. This requires database information.

There are three ways where the Vector Logging Converter can get the database information from. The three options are checked by CANape in this sequence:

  1. In the logfile itself a path to the database is specified (or even a database is embedded). This option is given for logfiles from MDF version 4.10 onwards only. The option can be selected in CANape under Start | Measurement Configuration | Recorder | Recorder List | [Recorder Name] | Attachments.
  2. The database file is located in the same directory as the logfile.
  3. The database file is specified explicitly in the converter. You can specify this in CANape by clicking on Tools | Converter Options (in Measurement File Converters) | Add

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Last updated: 2020-04-20
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