License Expired Directly after Successful Activation on Vector Keyman


Why is the New Vector License not active (red exclamation mark instead of green checkmark) on the Keyman despite activation was successful?


Root cause for that is a wrongly set computer system time:

The exclamation mark indicates, that the license has been activated but has already expired. This statement is based on the System Time of the Vector Keyman. This System Time is set by the connected computer’s system time (yet it does not adjust backwards).

When a the computer’s system time wrongly indicates a date in the future, the Vector Keyman sets it’s own System Time to it accordingly. The effect may be, that the license has already expired . As the System Time of the Vector Keyman cannot be set backward, even if the system time of the computer is adjusted.

To fix that effectively, two things need to be done, identifying the root cause and correcting the effects.

  1. Identify the computer that has an system time mismatch so that a Vector Keyman is not used on a computer with wrong system time.
  2. Re-set the System Time of the Vector Keyman by the following procedure.

Re-setting the System Time of a Vector Keyman from a time/date in the future requires a connection to a certified time server to also set the Certified Time of the Vector Keyman.

To do this you need a computer that is connected to the internet and CodeMeter service running (this gets installed with Vector License Client, Driver Setup or CANoe).

  1. Plug in your Vector Keyman
  2. Open in your browser http://localhost:22350/ to see the CodeMeter WebAdmin.
  3. To enable the connection to the internet configure the proxy settings (if you are connecting to the internet via proxy server, otherwise proceed with 4.):
    • Go to Configuration | Proxy and Enable the proxy and set the required Server and Port with data from your IT department.
    • Enable also the Authentication and enter the related Proxy User Name and Proxy Password.
  4. Go to Container. Select your container and click on CmContainer Info. You see the Certified Time (CmContainer). To refresh this time click on the arrows icon.
  5. Confirm the prompt This will update all Timestamps on the CmContainer with OK.
  6. The successful update is shown by a prompt Operation completed successfully – please wait.

    When the prompt disappears you can close this browser window.
  7. Unplug the Vector Keyman

Then you are ready to plug in the Vector Keyman on a computer with a Vector Software. Pay attention, that the system time of the computer is correct! The license shall now be marked by a green checkmark in the Vector License Client and you can use your licensed product. If this is not the case for some reason, please contact Vector Support via e-mail or the online report form.

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Last updated: 2020-01-09
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