Memory Issues when Starting CANoe Measurement with CANoe.DiVa Test Modules


A huge diagnostic specification file (CDD, ODX) may result in a huge test module with many CAPL files (e.g. more than 8). When starting the CANoe measurement you may get a window indicating Low on Memory.

The reason is that CANoe measurement can only use up to 4GB RAM but each CAPL file reallocates the same static memory: The more CAPL files the more runtime memory is needed. On the other hand, the CAPL compiler in CANoe theoretically may use all of the PC's memory.

From CANoe.DiVa 11.0 SP4 on, you may reduce the runtime memory consumption of the to-be-generated CANoe.DiVa test module. By increasing the size of each generated CAPL file you may get less CAPL files in total, which requires less memory during runtime. The CAPLfileSize can be edited in the .diva project file.

  • Close the CANoe.DiVa project.
  • Backup the original .diva file.
  • Open it by using a text editor and look for:
    <CodeGeneration CAPLfileSize = "6000000"/>
  • Increase CAPLfileSize to get bigger files and as a matter of fact less files in total.
    Good values to start are:
    RAM # of CPU Cores CAPLfileSize
    16GB 4 12000000
    32GB 4 24000000
    32GB 8 12000000
    64GB 4 48000000
    64GB 8 24000000

  • Regenerate the DiVa project.
  • Reimport the test in CANoe.
  • Check the memory consumption e.g. by using the Task Manager (Performance, Kernel Memory window) when compiling the CANoe.DiVa test module.

If there is still memory left, you may further increase the CAPLfileSize in order to further reduce the number of CAPL files. If this does not help and you either have 8GB RAM or you are running out of memory when compiling the test, please configure CANoe to only compile one CAPL file at a time. To do so edit CANoe's CAN.ini and set the MinUnitsForParallelCompile under the [Debug] part like following:

  • [Debug] 
  • MinUnitsForParallelCompile = 99999 

This allows you to further increase the CAPLfileSize (as above). The following values may be good for a start.

RAM CAPLfileSize
 8GB  25000000
16GB  50000000
32GM 100000000
64GM 200000000

Check the available RAM (see above) while compiling the test module. If this still does not help you may try to further increase the CAPLfileSize step by step.


This results in longer total compilation time.


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