Timestamp Synchronization with Multiple VX1135 or Other VX1000 Interfaces


How can I synchronize the timestamps of multiple VX1000 interfaces in one measurement?

Which cable or connector shall I use?


The synchronization is done by interconnecting the interfaces with sync cables as described below.

For CANape, additionally Hardware Synchronization shall be activated to minimize drift (as described in this Support Note).

There is a difference between VX11XX interfaces that have a separate connector for the synchronization signal and the VX1060 which has a combined connector for synchronization and power.

Backside of VX1132B (left, separate connectors) and VX1060 (right, combined connector)

Therefore the solution is different depending on if you have VX1060 interfaces in your setup or not.

As long as only VX11xx interfaces (with separate sync connector) are in one setup you can use the following options:

  • SYNCcableXL, part nr. 05018 or SYNCcable50, part nr. 05083, (for two interfaces) see VX1000 System User Manual (vers.3.7), section 7.1.7. The two cables differ only in length
  • Multi SYNCbox External, part nr. 05085, (for up to 5 interfaces), see Accessories for Network Interfaces (vers.6.5), section 9.3.1
  • Multi SYNCbox Internal, part nr. 05084, (for up to 5 interfaces)
  • Multi SYNCbox Active, part nr. 05112, (for up to 10 interfaces)

When you need have at least one VX1060 interface (with combined PWR/SYNC connector) in your setup, you need to modify one of the solutions above to integrate the power supply for the VX1060 in the distribution:

  1. To interconnect two interfaces for synchronization use
    • 1 x power supply/mains adapter, e.g. Vector part nr. 05024
    • 2 x Connection Cable Binder Type 711 (3-pin), part nr. 30011, see Accessories for Network Interfaces (vers. 6.5), section 7.6.1 and
    • Cut the 3-pin Binder connector off the Power Supply cable and connect with the open ends of the connection cables e.g. by a terminal block or by banana plugs as shown in the picture:

      If you want to connect two VX1060 interfaces, connect pin 1 (+12 V) to both connecting cables.
  2. To interconnect two or more interfaces use
    • 1 x power supply/mains adapter (see above)
    • 1 x per interface: SYNCcableXL or SYNCcable50 (see above)
    • 1 x Multi SYNCbox External or Multi SYNCbox Internal (see above)
    • Each component needs to be connected to the Multi SYNCbox.
    • The Multi SYNCbox is designed to distribute the sync signal. The internal connection is as shown here:
    • To also distribute the power (pin1), it is required to modify the Multi SYNCbox as shown below
    • To do this open the Multi SYNCbox (housing is clipped in the middle of the long sides) and insert a solder bridge between the relevant pin 1 contacts (marked with a circle):

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