How to Resolve Error Message from Model Generation Wizard


How can I resolve an error message saying Unable to cast COM object of type ‘CANoe.ApplicationClass’ to interface type ‘CANoe.IApplication<x>’ ... No such interface supported when I try to Generate a model with CANoe's Model Generation Wizard.


Make sure that this CANoe version which is called from  the Model Generation Wizard (MGW) is registered in the Windows registry, and not anther version that is installed in parallel.

If this doesn’t work though the automatism at MGW startup (then you would not get the error message) use the RegisterComponents executable, that is located in the exec64 (or exec32) directory of you CANoe installation(s). Please run the executable with administrator privileges.

In a command prompt go to the exec64 (exec32) directory of the version that is registered and unregister ist with

RegisterComponents.exe -u

Then – in the directory of the currently used version – register that one with


If an additional command prompt window closes again, the registration action has been successful.


The root cause of this error is that the CANoe instance is not registered in the Windows registry.

This error message can occur when the user has (or has had) more than one version of CANoe installed on the same computer, so CANoe version X is registered in Windows Registry, but Model generation Wizard is expecting CANoe version Y. MGW will try to open CANoe version Y during the generation process, and it will fail.

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