Improve Right-Click Menu Usability

VectorCAST version 2019 includes several changes to the Project View menus for an improved user experience.

Changes and improvements:

In VectorCAST/QA, each QA environment has a unique file, named <ENV> Access the file by right-clicking the QA environment, and selecting System Testing|Edit Script.

To overwrite a migrated environment with its original monitored configuration, use the --reimport argument from the Manage command line. The right-click menu item Reimport...  has been removed.

manage -p PROJECT --reimport [--level LEVEL] [-e ENV]`

To change the location where the project files (*.cfg, *.mfg, *.env, *.tst) are stored, use the --set-storage-location argument from the Manage command line. The right-click menu item Set storage location has been removed.

manage -p Project -e ENV --set-storage-location EXISTING_DIRECTORY`

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Last updated: 2019-10-02
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