VectorCAST Function Level Probe Points


How are function level probe points different than regular probe points?


Function level probe points are just like regular probe points in the Probe Points editor. However, instead of setting a probe point at a specific line of code, it is set at the function. This allows the probe point to be attached to the function rather than any particular portion of that function which may or may not be altered in the future. If the line that a regular probe point is attached to is deleted in code, that probe point will also cease to exist, which may leave managing probe point difficult in specific scenarios. Function level probe points are inserted just inside the opening curly brace of C++ or after the declarative section for C.

See also this video tutorial.

Function level probe points can also be used to add test code without #ifdef.

First, access the probe point editor via the green probe point icon in the menu bar.

Place a probe point by clicking on the dot besides the function in question.


Add the necessary test code to the probe point window.

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