Change the Squore Server Port Number

Since Squore 2013-B

Since Squore 2013-B, you specify an offset instead of a ports-xx setting.

The procedure for changing the server port number is available in the Installation and Administration Manual.

Before Squore 2013-B

By default, Squore Server will use the ports-01 binding set. This can be changed at installation time, or after the installation. Here is the procedure:

  • Stop Squore Server.
  • Edit the Bin/squore.conf file on Linux, or the Bin/config.bat file on Windows, and set the JBOSS_BINDING_SET key to one of these available JBoss AS binding sets:
    • ports-default: 8080 (http), 1099 (naming)
    • ports-01: 8180 (http), 1199 (naming)
    • ports-02: 8280 (http), 1299 (naming)
    • ports-03: 8380 (http), 1399 (naming)
  • Edit the Server/server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml, look for the old port binding set and update its value.
  • Edit WebClient.html and Bin/Scripts/, look for the old http port number, and update its value.
  • (Re)start Squore Server.

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