“Function” as Coverage Type

A new coverage type, Function coverage, is available in VectorCAST version 2019 SP1. Its implementation is lightweight, making it especially suitable for customers using ISO-26262 Industry mode.

Function coverage type is supported only for C/C++ Unit Test and System Testing environments. A subprogram is considered covered 100% in Function coverage if it is entered during test execution, and 0% if it is not.


Due to the addition of this new coverage type, the configuration option VCAST_DISPLAY_FUNCTION_COVERAGE has no effect when used with the Function coverage type.

In the environment script, this coverage type is written as:


clicast -e <unit test env> TOols COVer FUNCTION
clicast -e <cover env> [-u <unit>] COVer INstrument FUNCTION

When using Function coverage with a vcshell database, use one of these commands after creating the database and setting the compiler template:

For Stub None (Object Files) environments:

vcutil parse --instrument function

For parallel instrumentation of a Cover environment:

vcutil instrument --coverage_type function

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Last updated: 2019-12-06
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