Creating a Batch Script to Start VectorCAST

How to create a .bat file with needed settings to start VectorCAST?

In order to create a quick launch batch script that will start VectorCAST with all of settings needed to support a user's setup, there are some necessary options that will need to be set. The following is an example of the contents added to a simple .bat file that will set the minimum options needed to launch VectorCAST:

cd C:\My_Tests\


set LM_LICENSE_FILE=7650@licenseserver

set PATH=C:\Compilers\MicrosoftVisualStudioNET05\VC\bin;%PATH%

%VECTORCAST_DIR%\vcastqt -lc &

Keep in mind that saving the .bat file on the user's desktop will prompt the user to set a working directory since VectorCAST does not support working directories with spaces in the path, thus the reason for having to cd to a desired working directory that does not contain spaces.

At a minimum, a working directory will be needed, a license will need to be checked out, and the desired compiler will need to be on your PATH. Other needed items for the user's setup can also be added to the .bat file.

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