Error while Running FLEXlm on Linux OS


I am trying to launch VectorCAST on a Linux Ubuntu OS and getting an error. I also get the following error while trying to start the FLEXlm license server.

lmgrd: No such file or directory


The reason why you are seeing this problem is most likely because you are running on a Linux OS that does not have the LSB Linux libraries installed.  

Try running:

apt-get update

Then try the following steps to install the lsb package for Ubuntu:

  • Open a shell on the machine.
  • Su to root if you are not already root.
    To do this, run:  su - and enter the root password when prompted.
  • Once you are root, run: apt-get install lsb.
  • After that finishes, type the following to exit the root shell:  exit.


To confirm the libraries that you have installed, try running the following command:


Make sure that your $VECTORCAST_DIR environment variable has been set to point to your installation directory.

Send output to VectorCAST support if you need confirmation that you have all of the required libraries installed.

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