Testing Code Containing Infinite Loops

My source code contains an infinite loop? Is there a way to break out of the infinite loop while unit testing with VectorCAST?
Probe Points are a great way test infinite loops.

We can insert a “break” into the code to force it to terminate after one iteration, or any number of iterations we choose.

Let us take a look at the number of ways we can do it.
  • In method 1; I want to only run the loop once. The easiest and quickest way is to put a break in at the end of the loop with my probe point.  
  • In method 2; I want to get a number of results, I can set a static count to run the loop 10 times and output certain private member variable values for each loop.
  • In method 3; I have declared some user code in the environment user code. My probe point will check the value of the user prefix user code and break when the conditions are right.

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