Map Window in CANoe Does Not Display OSM Image Tiles


When opening the Map Window in CANoe or the Car2x Scenario editor, it does not show any map data or image tiles that are not fully loaded. There is no possibility to reload the map data.


OpenStreetMap (OSM) currently grants the access to their maps only up to a certain number of requests. When this is exceeded no more map data can be received.

Unfortunately there is no message shown indicating that the maximum number of accesses has been reached. Thus the problem can easily be misinterpreted as a proxy problem.


The following solutions are possible:

  • Add a custom tiles provider in the global options dialog (for CANoe) or the settings in the Scenario Editor. A list of available providers can be seen here:

    Picture 1: CANoe Options dialog

    Picture 2: Settings Scenario Editor
  • Use HERE maps provider in the CANoe Options dialog and/or in the Scenario Editor settings. For this a HERE maps API key (App_ID, App_Code) is needed that can be applied for on this page:

    Picture 3: HERE maps provider settings
    If the map shows new map data but there are still some blurred tiles visible in the map, press the Button Open Cache folder… in the CANoe Options (Map Window) and delete the appropriate cache folder.

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Last updated: 2020-01-30
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