Uninstallation of Vector Hardware Driver

  1. To uninstall the Vector Drivers, please download latest version of Vector driver setup from www.vector.com/latest_driver
  2. Start the setup and select all devices to be uninstalled. Then click [Uninstall] and follow the instructions.
    (Please note, that with the check box Select/deselect all devices you select all listed drivers. When you additionally activate Remove all driver components, all Vector driver components including the Vector Hardware Config will be uninstalled.)


In special cases (if the automatical uninstallation didn't work), follow these instructions to manually uninstall the driver files (Administrator rights are required!):

  1. Please delete the entries "CANcardX", "CANcardXL", "CANcaseXL" or "CANboardXL" under CAN-Hardware or the entries "VN3600“, "VN3300“, "VN7600“ or "CANcardXLe“ under Vector Hardware in the Windows Device Manager (Control Panel | System | Hardware).
  2. Please browse to the Windows\inf directory (This directory may be hidden).
    In the INF directory, search for the oem*.inf files which contains the text "CANcardX" "CANcardXL", "CANcaseXL", "CANboardXL", "VN3600“, "VN3300“ or "VN7600“.
    Please delete both, the oemXX.inf file and the corresponding oemXX.pnf file.
  3. Delete all vcan*.* files in the directory Windows\system32
  4. Delete vcanconf.exe and vcancpa.cpl from Windows\SysWOW64 and Windows\system32
  5. Please delete also all vcan*.*, vn*.*vcasexl.* or vboardxl.* in the directory Windows\system32\drivers
  6. Open the Registry Editor (Start | Run | regedit) and delete the following keys under:

    the keys: „VCANNT“,  „VCANX“,  „VCANXL“,  „VCASEXL“,  „VBOARDXL“,  „VCANV“ and all keys beginning with „VN“

    the keys: „CANDriver 1.0“ and „VHWCONF“

    and under:
    all entries beginning with „Vid_1248&“
  7. After this procedure a restart of the PC is necessary

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