Activating a Software-Based License in the Legacy License Model


How can I activate a software-based license?


Vector software products generally require a license to be operated. There are mainly two licensing models used. In the Legacy License Model there are two license protection methods available: hardware- and software-based license protection.

The license protection method depends on the product (for detailed information please contact our sales department):

Hardware-based license protection
License becomes available when a dongle or bus interface hardware is inserted/plugged-in.

Software-based license protection
An Activation ID is delivered with your product and must be activated before usage. The respective license protection is chosen when ordering the product. Please note that it is not necessary to have the software version installed in order to activate a license.

If the product is delivered with a software-based license protection, you will find a sticker on the CD/DVD cover, which shows an Activation ID of one of the following formats (examples given):

  • A-1A2B3C4D5F6G7-1A2B3C4D5F6G7 (current ID format)
  • ACT-0000012345-000012-123456 (former ID format) 

After installing the software you will need this Activation ID to activate the license on your PC.


Activating a software-based license
Once the software has been installed, start the Vector License Manager (former: Activation Wizard) from the start menu entry (sometimes may also be located in the Tools subfolder) and make your selections there.


license manager_2.png

  • At one point you are asked to enter the Activation ID. Enter the Activation ID exactly as printed on the sticker found on the CD/DVD cover.
  • After the license has been activated successfully, you can start working with your application.

Some product installers may automatically start the License Manager once the installation is complete.

Help & support

Further help on activating a license is available by pressing the Help button in the License Manager.

If you need further assistance with activating a license (e. g. when you do not have Internet access from your machine to activate the license online) please direct your questions to:

Further information you'll also find in the License Manager/Activation Wizard manual,.

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