Don't Abort Test Case in Case of a Fail


I want a test case to run completely until the end, even when it is failed.


That’s possible by the setting “Break on fail” for a test case within the vTESTstudio. By default a test case, implemented in the Test Table Editor or in C#, is aborted, if a fail occurs. You can change the behavior in the following way:

  • Test Table Editor: Add the property Break on fail to a test case by the combobox Use property. Deactivate the checkbox for this property.
  • C#: Specify the attribute [BreakOnFail(false)] at the test case definition.
  • CAPL test cases are always executed until the end, they cannot be aborted automatically.
  • The setting Break on fail is also available for test sequences.

Beneath the abort behavior for a single test case or test sequence, the abort behavior for a whole test configuration can be specified. This is done in CANoe in the configuration dialog of a test configuration. By the setting Verdict Impact on the page Execution options you can control, if the execution of the whole test configuration shall be stopped in case of a fail. This setting is independent on the setting Break on fail for single test cases and test sequences.

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Last updated: 2020-04-30
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