Position of Generated Test Cases in Test Execution Tree

I am missing an ability to structure the test cases developed in Test Diagram Editor. I will create most of my test cases in the Test Table Editor but for some test cases I foresee that the Test Diagram Editor is more useful (e.g. for state transitions, certain sequences etc.). I would then like to be able to control where in the test execution tree structure these generated test cases from Test Diagram Editor are inserted (e.g. by the grouping element). I may not always want to execute these test cases at the position in the test tree where the system places them automatically.

Currently it is not possible to specify the position where test cases or a single test case designed in Test Diagram Editor will be inserted in the Test Execution Tree. All test cases generated out of a diagram are added to the Test Execution Tree corresponding to the position of the Test Diagram file in the Project Tree.

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Last updated: 2019-05-20
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