Move Existing Commands and "New Line" Horizontally

How can I move existing commands or the “new line” (for entering commands) horizontally? For example I move the “new line” to the end of the Test Table file and want to create a new test case. However the line is indented to the right, so that it is contained in the previous test case. Thus it is not possible to select “Test Case” out of the command selection box (since the context is not correct).
You can change the horizontal level of the “new line” by the context menu. For that use the commands Move Level Up or Move Level Down. This actions are also possible by the shortcuts <Shift>+<Alt>+<Left Arrow> and <Shift>+<Alt>+<Right Arrow>. In the same way existing commands can be moved if the movement would lead to a valid test sequence.

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Last updated: 2018-09-10
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vTESTstudio -> Test Table Editor -> Move Existing Commands and "New Line" Horizontally