DIAG-SERVICE ID in Exported ODX Files

Is it possible to have fixed “DIAG-SERVICE ID” in exported ODX files?

During ODX Export and if configured so in Menu Option | ODX | ODX Export | Export of Specific Properties, default dynamical “DIAG-SERVICE ID” with ECU qualifier as prefix are used in the created ODX files. After a CDD update, those “DIAG-SERVICE ID” will change.

This might be a problem as a given Service might be then referenced in the updated ODX file with another “DIAG-SERVICE ID” as in the original CDD. If fixed “DIAG-SERVICE ID” are wished, then please set in C:\ProgramData\Vector\CANdelaStudio\8.2 in section [ODX20Export] the „CreateHierarchicalIds“ parameter to „1“. 

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Last updated: 2019-10-01
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CANdelaStudio -> Import and Export -> DIAG-SERVICE ID in Exported ODX Files