"Unknown function" while Compiling a DiVa-Generated Configuration

Why do I get the error message Unknown function while compiling a DiVa-generated configuration?

This error message occurs if you have not imported the DiVa project correctly.

In DiVa 4.0 and higher use from the Diagnostics or Diagnostics & XCP (depending on your installed options) ribbon the Import DiVa project… button.

In DiVa up to version 3.5 use either the DiVa button of the symbol bar in CANoe or go to File menu and select Import DiVa project....

This results in the correct integration and setup of the DiVa CAPL code, the test reports and the DLL settings.

We do not recommend to add the DiVa code manually because it requires a lot of steps to do manually.

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Last updated: 2019-05-24
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