Replacement of HEX File in Calibration Variant

A calibration variant has been already created. But it is necessary to replace the existing HEX file, e.g. because the default calibration changed or the ECU program code received a bugfix.

Please use Import calibration files. On page Find Sources select the file and the then the option Import selected file as. Choose the entry Update Target Software

All further wizard steps are identical to a parameter set import. When the wizard is finalized and the operation starts, the existing HEX file will be replaced in the dataset.

Please note that the new HEX file is overwritten again by the currently merged calibration data when the dataset is frozen.

If the HEX import option is not available, the domain property DELIVERY_AVAILABLE_MODES has to be set accordingly. Details can be found in the domain properties manual which is part of the product documentation. Please contact your local system administrator.

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Last updated: 2020-04-17
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