Download Failed When no CLEAR_MEMORY Command Is Sent

When flashing over CCP, an error message occurs „Download Failed“. No CLEAR_MEMORY command is sent.

Please check the following settings: Open Device Configuration and click on Memory Flash. Change Concatenation to false:

Now try to flash the ECU again and check if the CLEAR_MEMORY command is sent by CANape.

Hint 1:

The setting can also be changed by editing the CANape.INI file:


Hint 2:

This applies to all CANape versions up to and including version 11.0. With newer versions (>= 12.0) the concatenation check box is not displayed anymore but the functionality is still available. Instead it can be enabled or disabled by editing the CANape.INI file only:

Concatenation on:

Concatenation off:


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Last updated: 2019-05-28
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