About PSA Patch Installer

CANdelaStudio needs a specific PSA Patch Installer for all ODX related operations.

The PSA Patch Installer supports the installation of:

The PSA Patch Installer might be directly obtained from PSA, please contact Mr. Kien Hung Tran (kienhung.tran@mpsa.com

Note 1:

Allowed Customers will find in Vector PSA Member Area the Application Note “AN-IDG-2-016_How_to_create_PSA_ODX_data_with_CANdelaStudio” describing the usage of CANdelaStudio to exchange ODX data with PSA. All other customers please contact PSA directly.

Note 2:

For importing purposes, a PSA CDDT (Template) is additionally needed. It can directly be obtained from PSA.

Currently PSA uses only specific CANdelaStudio versions. For each a PSA Patch Installer is provided. Therefore suppliers should use one of these versions as well.

If you buy a new license, Vector will automatically deliver the latest CANdelaStudio version. Please contact support@vector.com to get the version needed for your PSA project.

Note 3:
If you have to actualize a CANdelaStudio main version with a service pack, please install first the service pack and then the PSA Patch Installer. 

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Last updated: 2019-10-01
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CANdelaStudio -> Import and Export -> About PSA Patch Installer