Google Maps Support Discontinued


Why am I not able to use Google as map source anymore?


Due to a change in Google’s terms of service we have decided to discontinue our support for Google Maps as of 2016-05-02.

CANape offers several other map sources. You can use OpenStreetMap as an alternative for Google Maps. In contrast to Google Maps, OpenStreetMap can also be used offline in CANape.  

If you have an existing configuration with a Map Window please follow these steps:

  • Right-click in the window and select Map Settings…:

  • Select OSM:

  • Accept with OK

If you are going to create a new Map Window please follow these steps:

  • Select Display | New Window | ADAS Windows | Map
  • Proceed as described above.

To use offline maps please follow the description in CANape´s help, under the topic Integration of OpenStreetMap Files.

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