The SomeIP_ResponseSimulation configuration contains a Simulation Setup with a node called CD_Changer out of the ARXML that simulates an ECU sending within a VLAN a response to a Service Method Request and a Service Signal of a field. It also contains a node called HeadUnit that is part of the ARXML and a node sim_unit that is not part of the ARXML. sim_unit subscribes the Service CD Player and the Event ActiveDisk, provided by CD_Changer.

Within this simulation no real ECU is available and therefore the Method Request and the change of Service Signal Value have to be simulated. The following possibilities are implemented:

For the Method Simulation in CD_Changer:

For the Service Signal Evaluation in HeadUnit:

For the Event Subscription/desubscription in sim_unit:


Find other available examples in the Overview Example Configurations for SOME/IP Simulation.

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Last updated: 2018-06-19
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CANalyzer/CANoe -> Options -> Ethernet (IP) -> SOME/IP -> Example Pool -> SomeIP_ResponseSimulation