DHCP Server Simulation for VLAN Based Ethernet Network

This small example configuration contains a CAPL Node dhcpServer working as a simple DHCP server for a VLAN based network.

The example is based on the sample configuration “DHCP Server and Client”. You will need at least CANoe 10 to access the configuration. The server CAPL code works on raw Ethernet frames and therefore does not need any VLAN specific configuration setting in its TCP/IP Stack. The dhcpServer node only needs the ETHERNETIL.dll as component.

The client nodes Client1 and Client2 use each a CANoe TCP/IP Stack and are configured with VLAN to automatically obtain IP address using DHCP.

The available DHCP addresses and the used VLAN tag are displayed in the DHCP Panel and can be initialized using the Environment/Start Values menu bar for the variables VlanTag, AddressRangeStart and AddressRangeStop.

After measurement start, the Client1 and Client2 panels display the asigned IP address. The exchanged frames are displayed in the Trace window:


If you need a DHCP simulation code without VLAN handling, then use the CANoe sample configuration DHCPSimServer.cfg that is part of your CANoe installation./upload_551/file/KB_946_DHCP_VLAN.zip

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Last updated: 2020-01-22
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CANalyzer/CANoe -> Options -> Ethernet (IP) -> Example Pool -> DHCP Server Simulation for VLAN Based Ethernet Network