Hardware Independent Early Filtering of Events for CANoe

If activated, the following option permits to filter out the messages and events of all available bus systems that shall not be analyzed in Measurement Setup.  

The filtered data is still present in the Simulation Setup.

The early data filtering is hardware independent and helps to improve CANoe’s performance. You can activate is as follows:

CANoe global Option Dialog | Measurement | Early filtering of events

With the activated option a Channel Filter and a logging file will be included in the Measurement Setup in front of the Online/Offline switch.
The filtered data will not be displayed nor could they be logged in the Measurement Setup. They can be recorded before the Online/Offline switch using a logging file.

More information can be obtained using the context sensitive Online Help (click F1)

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Last updated: 2018-11-15
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CANalyzer/CANoe -> Options -> Ethernet (IP) -> Hardware Independent Early Filtering of Events for CANoe