How to Send an AUTOSAR Signal PDU with CANoe


How can I send an AUTOSAR signal PDU with CANoe?

  • Create a new Ethernet configuration based on the ASR4_Ethernet template.
  • Attach the ARXML to the network
  • Add two nodes in the Simulation Setup and configure each node:
    • To achieve the desired Network node
    • To use the AUTOSAR Interaction Layer
  • Without CAPL: Use one of the following possibilities and change the signal while the measurement has been started:
    • Symbol Explorer
    • Node Panel
    • Signal Generator
  • With CAPL: Just change the Signal value.
  • The PDU containing the signal is sent.
Note 1:

In case another template than the ASR4_Ethernet has been used and SomeIP is simulated, additionally configure the SomeIP port to be used, in accordance to the value out of the ARXML that can be seen in the Trace.

Note 2:

The PDU sending behavior is described in the ARXML. AUTOSAR offers several possibilities. However, if you do not configure the nodes to use the ASRPDUIL, then the signals are always sent on change.

Note 3:

Signal generators are available only for signals and not for service signals.

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