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Recent Articles
2017-11-16 How to Set a Fixed Port Role for an AVB Simulation Node
Question: How can I set a fixed port role for my AVB simulation node? Answer: The BMCA (Best Master Clock Algorithm) which is part of CANoe AVB_IL is activated per default. If you want for instance to set the tested ECU’s port role to Slave, then please use the PtpSetProperty CAPL...
2017-11-16 rating Views: 21
2017-11-16 Ethernet/CAN Gateway
The EthernetCanGateway configuration is a simulation that demonstrates how to implement a bidirectional CAN/Ethernet gateway using IpV4. Ethernet to CAN transmission: The Gateway (client) shall first receive a UDP-Frame to start. This frame can be sent by the Ethernet IG (server). It contains...
2017-11-16 rating Views: 32
2017-11-15 Finding Correct Assemblies (DLLs) after the Installation of Newest Version
Issue: When opening a vADASdeveloper project (e. g. with vADASdeveloper v2.5.10) which initially was created with an older version of the software (e. g. v2.5.0), an error message might be displayed telling that one or more DLLs could not be loaded. Solution: To resolve the issue, perform...
2017-11-15 rating Views: 29
2017-11-15 Ethernet Vector Network Driver with CANoe 10.0
With CANoe/CANalyzer 10.0 the Ethernet Vector Network Driver also called Option Ethernet Driver is no longer automatically installed with the setup of the option Ethernet. The user must install the Ethernet Vector Network Driver manually, if a build-in third-party Ethernet interface of a computer...
2017-11-15 rating Views: 551
2017-11-14 CANoe/CANalyzer Freeze while Replaying BLF Files in Offline-Mode
Issue: CANoe/CANalyzer freeze while replaying BLF files from ARCOS Logger in Offline-Mode. Background: BLF files stored by third-party-tools can have wrong settings. Especially ARCOS dataloggers from CAETEC will save the timestamp in BLF files in unixtime, which is the number of seconds...
2017-11-14 rating Views: 38
2017-11-14 How to Visualize my Video Streaming Using CANoe/CANalyzer
Question: How can I visualize my Video Streaming using CANoe/CANalyzer? Answer: From CANoe 9.0 on it is possible to display video streaming content. For this proceed like following: Open a new Ethernet configuration: Open a new Panel Choose in Toolbox a Media Stream Control, add it...
2017-11-14 rating Views: 49
2017-11-09 Requirements (CANoe) for Working with DoIP
Question: Which CANoe option do I need to work with DoIP? Answer: All DoIP-specific CAPL functions and the corresponding Node-Layer-DLL „DoIP.dll“ are available in standard CANoe. They permit to develop CAPL simulation nodes for DoIP. Please refer to “DoIP_” in CANoe’s Online Help...
2017-11-09 rating Views: 2570
2017-11-09 How to Prevent Flow Control Frames in CANoe
Question: How can I prevent Flow Control Frames in CANoe? Answer: There are two diagnostic channels available in CANoe: built-in diagnostic channel CAPL Callback Interface (CCI) in combination with the Transport Protocol (TP) DLL The diagnostic windows (Diagnostic Console, Fault...
2017-11-09 rating Views: 69
2017-11-09 How to Send Manually Defined Diagnostic Service Requests Using CAPL
Question: I have a diagnostic description which does not contain all diagnostic services which I need to use. How can I additionally send manually defined diagnostic service requests using CAPL? How can I send those diagnostic requests periodically? Answer: In the Diagnostic Console, it is...
2017-11-09 rating Views: 78
2017-11-09 Necessary Settings for Testing over DoIP with CANoe.DiVa
After having imported a DiVa project in a DoIP based CANoe configuration a new Test Node is added to the TCP/IP Stack configuration dialog This Test Node has got the DiVa project name and the best practice is to manually configure the TCP/IP Stack to Use shared CANoe TCP/IP stack. In this case,...
2017-11-09 rating Views: 33
2017-11-09 NetIsolator on PC Running with Windows 10
The Vector Network Driver also called Option Ethernet Driver, containing the NetIsolator, exists in a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 compatible version. The version that is installed on your PC depends on your CANoe version. If CANoe version <= 9.0 has been installed on Windows 10, the following...
2017-11-09 rating Views: 1347
2017-11-09 Error Message: ‘The handle is invalid’
Issue: This error message might occur with any of the tools like Updater, Merger, … from the ASAP2 Tool-Set. Here is an example using the Updater: Batch file content: @echo off set path=tools;D:\ProgramFiles\ASAP2Toolset\11.0\Exec make Generate_a2l -f makefile 2>&1 |...
2017-11-09 rating Views: 120
2017-11-08 How to Use CANoe as DoIP Tester to Address my ECU
Question: How can I use CANoe as DoIP tester to address my ECU? Answer: This example contains four configurations that simulate an ECU answering to the DoIP Diagnostic Requests sent by CANoe Tester on an Ethernet network (with/without VLAN or DHCP and based on IPv4/IPv6). The diagnostic...
2017-11-08 rating Views: 678
2017-11-06 RS232VC.dll (Access to RS232/V.24/Serial Interface)
From CANoe/CANalyzer V7.1 on, the interface is integrated in the software. Please find more information in the online help under extensions/RS232. A demo configuration can be found in: for CANoe: Demo_Addon\RS232_CANoe for CANalyzer: Demo_Addon\RS232_CANalyzer Hint: Please check if your...
2017-11-06 rating Views: 5040
2017-11-06 Operating Systems Supported by Vector Products
This document provides an overview about the operating systems supported by Vector products like illustrated in this picture:
2017-11-06 rating Views: 6807
2017-10-26 CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware.
2017-10-26 rating Views: 6036
2017-10-24 Video Streaming with CANoe
CANoe 9.0 SP5 supports Video Streaming in H.264 format using CVF (AVTP as Transport Protocol, see also online help below). From CANoe 10 on, RTP is also supported as Transport Protocol (only H.264 encoding). Video Streaming in CVF-MJPEG Format is also possible. Coming with one of the next...
2017-10-24 rating Views: 462
2017-10-24 How to Recognize the Format of Your AVB Stream
Question: How can I recognize the format of my AVB stream? Answer: To recognize the AVB type of your video, just replay it using a Replay Bloc Ethernet and have a look at the trace using the appropriate Column Layout. AVTP (IEEE1722): RTP (RFC3550)+ RTP/AVB(IEEE1733): If you proceed...
2017-10-24 rating Views: 119
2017-10-23 How to Trigger the Wake-Up Line of Some ECUs with VN5610A and VN5640
Question: How do I use the VN5640 or VN5610A for waking up certain ECUs which have a wake-up line? Answer: This line has an associated system variable (e.g. IO::VN5610A_2::DOUT) that will be created in CANoe’s I/O Hardware configuration dialog box and can be set to 1 (=high) and 0 (=low) in...
2017-10-23 rating Views: 115
2017-10-18 CANape Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANape Versions and Supported Hardware.
2017-10-18 rating Views: 2497
2017-10-16 TCP Delay when Sending Messages to two Different Ports of the Same Destination Node
This document illustrates the possible delay phenomenon that might happen, when a node sends two messages to two different ports of the same destination node.
2017-10-16 rating Views: 45
2017-10-12 Individual Naming of Logging Data Files with MLserver
Question: How can I get logging data files exported with MLserver having recording date/time or vehicle names in their filenames? Answer: Use the CLexport.exe option CLexportHandler (cf. CLexport.exe call without parameters): CLexportHandler=C:\x\MyHandler.bat specifies a local rename...
2017-10-12 rating Views: 63
2017-10-12 License for Logging Data Transfer to MLserver
Question: When do I need an Online Data Transfer license to transfer logging data from a GL Logger to MLserver? Answer: For GL2000 series: You always need the license. No matter if you use the 3G router or Ethernet. For GL3000/GL4000 series: If you use 3G with the GLA320 modem, no...
2017-10-12 rating Views: 59
2017-10-10 Manipulation of MAC Address or Ethernet Packet Content at Run Time
Question: How can I manipulate the MAC address or the content of an Ethernet packet at run time? Answer: If you use the TCP/IP stack instance in CANoe to send or receive the Ethernet packet, it is possible to manipulate the packet and change every Ethernet packet's field at run time....
2017-10-10 rating Views: 58
2017-10-10 How to Configure the VN5640 as Media Converter
Question: How can I configure the VN5640 as Media Converter? Note: Beside “Media Conversion”, the VN5640 might be configured in several different Operation Modes that are described in the dedicated Application Note. Answer: First make sure that CANoe is not using the...
2017-10-10 rating Views: 200