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2019-09-18 Restrictions on VN8900 and CANape 17 64-Bbit (x64)
Since CANape 17, main release of CANape is a 64-bit application. Due to the new architecture there are some restrictions with VN8900 devices. Measurement via Ethernet and executing DLLs on old VN8900 devices with 32-bit operation system is not supported anymore. Below is a list which VN8900...
2019-09-18 rating Views: 4
2019-09-18 Configuration Management and Simultaneous Work with CANoe Configurations
For the configuration management of CANoe configurations the following facts and policies apply: Working on a CANoe configuration is file-based, all configuration files are stored on the file system Vector suggests using a file structure consisting of one main folder and multiple subfolders: ...
2019-09-18 rating Views: 34
2019-09-16 VectorCAST Configuration for VxWorks 7
Support Note: The Support Note VectorCAST Configuration for VxWorks 7 outlines the procedure for configuring VectorCAST using Wind River VxWorks 7.
2019-09-16 rating Views: 26
2019-09-12 Multi CANoe
Multi CANoe is a special operation mode of CANoe. It allows coupling multiple instances of CANoe running on different computers. In Multi CANoe operation, the measurement starts synchronously in all connected instances. Network interfaces of all instances of CANoe are time synchronized via...
2019-09-12 rating Views: 51
2019-09-11 Installation of CANoe Matlab Interface
Question: How to find the CANoe Matlab Interface? Answer: The CANoe Matlab interface installation file is located in: CANoe 7.0-8.2: …CANoe Demos\Demo_Addon\Matlab CANoe 8.5 -9.0: C:\Users\Public Documents\Vector CANoe <version>\Installer Additional...
2019-09-11 rating Views: 8670
2019-09-11 Smart Charge Communication (SCC) with VT System
Support Note: This Support Note describes how to configure CANoe and the VT System for Smart Charge Communication.
2019-09-11 rating Views: 850
2019-09-09 How to Add a CAN FD-Interface to CDD-File
Question: How can I add a CAN FD-Interface to my CDD-file? Answer: The interfaces in a CANdela document define how a test system can communicate with the ECU. Each interface contains Communication Parameters that specify communication details. Please follow these steps to add a CAN...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 1084
2019-09-09 Using I/O channels with VN1630 or VN1640
Start CANoe and open Hardware | Vector I/O (older versions: Confguration | I/O Hardware | Vector I/O ...) Enable the I/O channels of VN1630/VN1640 Close this window and assign the DAIO channel under Control Panel | Vector Hardware, as in this graphic: Under Configuration | System...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 9692
2019-09-09 How to Observe the Some/IP Service Discovery Messages in my Trace
Question: How can I correctly observe the Some/IP Service Discovery messages in my trace? Answer: If Some/IP messages are not correctly displayed/interpreted in your trace, then check if all used Some/IP ports have been set set correctly in the CANoe options. Note: The standardized...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 895
2019-09-09 Online Assistant for CANoe or CANalyzer Assertions
CANoe/CANalyzer terminated unexpectedly. Please excuse the inconvenience. This should not occur. A crash and an assertion can have various causes. The causes can be CANoe/CANalyzer internal, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 CANoe/CANalyzer terminated unexpectedly. Please...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 11222
2019-09-09 How Can I Filter the Ethernet Frames?
Question: How can I filter the Ethernet Frames? Answer: Beside the hardware independent Early Filtering of Event, there are especially for Ethernet 3 different kinds of filters that might be used for Ethernet frames: Hardware Filters to stop the frames before they are transmitted by the...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 1738
2019-09-09 Is it Possible to Use a DBC for Ethernet Configuration?
Question: Is it possible to use a DBC for Ethernet configuration? Answer: Yes it is, but a Signal Protocol DLL is necessary for sending and interpreting in Trace/Data/Graphic Window the Ethernet signals that have been previously defined within a DBC database. Note 1: You need the Ethernet...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 4584
2019-09-06 How to Flash VN8900 / VT6000 / VN8810 Image
This article describes how to flash the image to a VN8900 series interface, aVT6000 module or a VN8810 intelligent diagnostic device. Note: An update or recovery of the operating system will delete all licenses that are based on the Vector License Client (New Vector License Model). Please...
2019-09-06 rating Views: 3361
2019-09-05 Creating Diagnostic Log Files for CANoe/CANalyzer
In order to analyze issues with CANoe/CANalyzer’s diagnostic features the Vector Support Team might request you to create log files. In this case use the following instructions to create these log files (in the following sections CANoe can be replaced by CANalyzer if you have CANalyzer): ...
2019-09-05 rating Views: 58
2019-09-05 Requested CAPL DLL „xxx.dll“ is Invalid. Measurement Cannot Be Started
Issue: Requested CAPL DLL „xxx.dll“ is invalid. This might be due to one or more of the following error conditions: The CAPL DLL or node layer DLL is missing. The CAPL DLL or node layer DLL is missing on remote PC. Most CAPL loading problems can be solved by a recompile. ...
2019-09-05 rating Views: 60
2019-09-05 How to Update CANoe Software on a RT Device (VN8800/VN8900, VT6000, CANoe RT RT Rack / IPC)
For CANoe ≥ 12.0: CANoe | Home | Vector Tool Platform | CANoe/CANalyzer | Execution Environment | Update execution environment | Update… For CANoe ≤ 12.0 and > 8.5: CANoe | File | Options | Extensions | CANoe RT | right click on Device | Update CANoe Software… (for...
2019-09-05 rating Views: 78
2019-09-05 Compatibility Matrix for Adaptive MICROSAR
When you use the DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite in combination with Adaptive MICROSAR you need to use a compatible version of the tool. You find the compatibility matrix here. You find information about download and installation of DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite versions here. Note: With a...
2019-09-05 rating Views: 314
2019-09-05 Requirements (CANoe) for Working with DoIP
Question: Which CANoe option do I need to work with DoIP? Answer: All DoIP-specific CAPL functions and the corresponding modeling library DoIP.dll are available in standard CANoe. They permit to develop CAPL simulation nodes for DoIP. Please refer to “DoIP_” in CANoe’s Online Help index...
2019-09-05 rating Views: 4771
2019-09-04 Hardware Requirements for Working with DoIP
Question: Which hardware do I need to work with DoIP? Answer: No special Ethernet interface is necessary to work with DoIP. You might use your PC integrated Ethernet interface or any USB-to-Ethernet-Interface. However Vector recommends the usage of an external VN56xx [VN5610(A) or VN 5640] or,...
2019-09-04 rating Views: 2252
2019-09-04 Usage of Single Diagnostic Description to Send Diagnostic Requests to Different Networks
Question: Is it possible to use a single Diagnostic Description to send Diagnostic requests to different networks? Answer: You can use a single Diagnostic Description to send Diagnostic requests to different networks. Please add the Diagnostic Description in the CANoe configuration...
2019-09-04 rating Views: 4569
2019-09-03 CANcaseXL log Memory as Ring Buffer?
Question: Is it possible to enable longer pre-trigger times (use memory as ring buffer)? Answer: Starting with CANcaseXL log configuration tool version 4.0 or higher and the firmware included, it is possible to set up the memory as a multiple file ring buffer. This enable longer pre-trigger...
2019-09-03 rating Views: 1963
2019-08-21 Why Is there an Expiration Date Shown in Vector License Client despite I Have Bought a Perpetual (Non-Expiring) License?
Question: Why is there an expiration date shown despite I have bought a perpetual (non-expiring) license? Answer: The expiration date in the Vector License Client indicates the end of the reactivation period (12 months). In the New Vector License Model every license has to be reactivated...
2019-08-21 rating Views: 292
2019-08-15 NetIsolator on PC Running with Windows 10
The Vector Network Driver also called Option Ethernet Driver, containing the NetIsolator, exists in a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 compatible version. The version that is installed on your PC depends on your CANoe version. If CANoe version ≤ 9.0 has been installed on Windows 10, the following...
2019-08-15 rating Views: 6080
2019-08-15 RTE OS Invocation – RTE Handling of Runnable Mappings on Different Task Types
Support Note: This Support Note gives an overview of the triggering strategies the RTE uses when handling runnable entities.
2019-08-15 rating Views: 110
2019-08-14 Adaptive MICROSAR: Installation and Update
Enclosed you will find detailed information regarding first steps and update of the Vector Adaptive MICROSAR delivery: for version 1.x for version 2.x and higher
2019-08-14 rating Views: 1370