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2020-02-19 Configurations Created with CANoe/CANalyzer from Version 12.0 Should Not Use Environment Variables
Since CANoe/CANalyzer 7.0 System Variables are supported as a successor of Environment Variables for configurations in CANoe and CANalyzer. Starting from CANoe and CANalyzer 12 no more new Environment Variables can be created in CANdb++ Editor. It is still possible to use existing...
2020-02-19 rating Views: 145
2020-02-18 Required Data for Panel Designer Crash/Assertion Analysis
Question: Which data is needed for analysis in case of a crash/assertion of Panel Designer? Answer: Please send us the data collected by the Vector Support Assistant of the Vector product that started the Panel Designer (CANoe, Canalyzer, CANape, vSignalyzer, vTESTstudio). You find it in...
2020-02-18 rating Views: 43
2020-02-18 Required Data for CAPL Browser Crash/Assertion Analysis
Question: Which data is needed for analysis in case of a crash/assertion of CAPL Browser? Answer: A crash of CAPL browser should trigger the CANoe/CANalyzer Support Assistant and collect all data required for an analysis. You may deselect files that you don’t want to submit, give...
2020-02-18 rating Views: 56
2020-02-18 VN1630(A) Configuration
Question: How to configure VN1630(A) for 4 channel usage? Answer: This article explains what settings are needed to use 4 channels on VN1630(A). You find dip switch banks under the area where piggies can be plugged in: The standard settings of the dip-switches on VN1630(A), if you only...
2020-02-18 rating Views: 40476
2020-02-17 Online Assistant for vADASdeveloper Crashes
Question: Which information is needed at Vector to analyze vADASdeveloper crash issues? Answer: Please perform an update to the current Service Pack to prevent errors that have already been fixed. The Service Packs can be downloaded from the download area of If the error is...
2020-02-17 rating Views: 52
2020-02-17 DebugView
Question: How to use DebugView? Answer: In Vector Hardware Config, under Global Settings set Configuration flags to 0x621 or to the value requested by Vector support. Unplug Vector hardware if it is a USB device Reboot computer Download and unzip DebugView: ...
2020-02-17 rating Views: 375
2020-02-14 Support of Legacy License Model (LLM) by CANoe and CANalyzer Ends in Version 13.0
In 2017 Vector established a New Vector License Model (NVLM) which contains two licensing programs End User Licensing – EULA Enterprise Licensing – ELA This New Vector License Model allows customers more flexibly to decide where a license is stored: On a Vector Network Interface On...
2020-02-14 rating Views: 154
2020-02-13 Ethernet-Connected Interfaces as License Carrier
Question: Why is my CANoe license not recognized on my interface that is connected via Ethernet? Why can I not activate my CANoe license on my Ethernet-connected interface? Answer: License identifications that are placed on a network interface can only be used if this interface is...
2020-02-13 rating Views: 99
2020-02-11 How to Integrate End-To-End Protection in MICROSAR
The configuration of End-to-End Protection has become a little unclear since AUTOSAR foresees two different approaches to protect data, namely E2E protection wrapper and E2E transformer. Therefore a few clarifications shall be given here: What is the difference between E2E protection wrapper...
2020-02-11 rating Views: 2807
2020-02-11 vcand32.dll/vbcanif.dll (CAN Driver Library Files)
The files vcand32.dll and vbcanif.dll belong to the Vector CANdriver library. The CANdriver library is replaced by the XL Driver Library. Please find a guide to migrate in this Support Note. The latest version of the XL Driver Library is available on
2020-02-11 rating Views: 6333
2020-02-10 Vector Logger Configurator Filter Warning Appears Repeatedly
Question: I am configuring a GL Logger through CANape/Vector Logger Configurator. Can I avoid the warning in the Vector Logger Configurator and what does it mean? The following pages have CAN message IDs configured that are filtered out by the current filter configuration: Do you want to...
2020-02-10 rating Views: 42
2020-02-07 Standalone Logging CANoe/CANalyzer in Standalone Mode on VN8900 or VT System
Question: How can I create logging files during Standalone Mode? Answer: The Standalone Logging has to be configured in the dialog: CANoe/CANalyzer | Home | Vector Tool Platform for CANoe/CANalyzer ≥ 12.0 CANoe/CANalyzer | Home | Standalone Mode for CANoe/CANalyzer < 12.0 and ≥...
2020-02-07 rating Views: 102
2020-02-06 Control Flow Graphs
VectorCAST version 2019 supports the capability to display and graphically visualize control flow and code coverage. This feature can be accessed by enabling Control Flow from within the Custom Tools menu. Figure 1. Edit Custom Tools Figure 2. Control Flow Graph Tool Figure 3. Control...
2020-02-06 rating Views: 67
2020-02-06 How to Calculate Latency of CAN Gateway
Question: How can I calculate the latency (time difference) between messages for CAN gateway applications with VN hardware? Answer: In the first instance of Tx in CAN1, EOF (timestamp) is considered. And the SOF is considered for the first instance of Rx in CAN2. Then the latency...
2020-02-06 rating Views: 93
2020-02-06 Conversion of Values in E Notation to Decimal Numbers in CAPL
Question: How to convert string number in E notation to number in CAPL. Background: In CAPL large numbers may be displayed in E notation in logs, trace and measurement values. Sometimes it may be required to convert these values read as string to numbers for programming purpose. The CAPL...
2020-02-06 rating Views: 78
2020-02-06 Which Vector Hardware Supports a NVLM Standalone License (for CANoe/CANalyzer)?
Question: Which Vector hardware supports a NVLM standalone license (for CANoe/CANalyzer)? Answer: As of 2018-01-28 standalone licenses are currently only delivered as hardware-based license according to the Legacy License Model. This means VN89xx devices do not support standalone licenses...
2020-02-06 rating Views: 601
2020-02-06 Support of Operation Systems by CANoe and CANalyzer
To face the challenge to support several Microsoft Windows 10 builds and to focus the development of new features, the support of several Microsoft Windows versions stopped with the following product versions: From CANoe/CANalyzer 13.0 no 32 bit versions are supported. The support of...
2020-02-06 rating Views: 137
2020-02-05 Where Do I Get My License From?
Question: Where do I get my license from? Answer: After buying a license the customer receives via email a Delivery Note PDF with license information (see example below). It contains the Activation Key. This Activation Key allows to activate one or more license identifications (if your...
2020-02-05 rating Views: 321
2020-02-05 Where/When is an Activation Key Provided?
Question: Where/when is an Activation Key provided? Answer: It's in the Delivery Note PDF document which is sent to the customer at purchase of a new software products. If this document does not contain an Activation Key, please contact your ELA admin or Vector support.
2020-02-05 rating Views: 852
2020-02-05 Where Do I Have to Get My License from if My Company Has an ELA?
Question: Where do I have to get my license from if my company has an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)? Answer: If your company has an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with Vector and your new license is ordered with reference to this ELA, the license is directly delivered to this ELA...
2020-02-05 rating Views: 682
2020-02-05 Operating Systems Supported by Vector Products
This document provides an overview of the operating systems supported by Vector products like illustrated in this picture:
2020-02-05 rating Views: 17151
2020-02-05 Panel Designer Replaces Panel Editor Completely from CANoe and CANalyzer 13.0
The option to keep Panels created in Panel Editor format ends with CANoe/CANalyzer 13.0. When a CANoe configuration is opened with a recent CANoe version, panels in CNP format (from Panel Editor) are automatically converted and saved in the Panel Designer XVP file format (“EXtended Vector...
2020-02-05 rating Views: 137
2020-02-04 Software Compatibility With New Vector License Model
This document provides an overview about the Compatibility of Vector Software Products with the New Vector License Model like illustrated in this picture.
2020-02-04 rating Views: 15414
2020-02-04 How to Convert a DB File into an A2L File
Question: How can I convert a DB file into an A2L file? Answer: These are the steps to convert the DB file into an A2L file: Create a new XCP/CCP CANape device with all necessary configuration steps: Load the DB file as database for the new XCP/CCP device: Import the contents from...
2020-02-04 rating Views: 106
2020-01-31 Hard- and Software Requirements for Working with Sensor Protocol SENT
Question: What software and hardware components are required to simulate and test with sensors that communicate via SENT? Answer: For measuring SENT protocol, CANoe is required with the option .SENSOR As hardware there are generally two options from Vector The VN network interfaces...
2020-01-31 rating Views: 117