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2017-07-20 Error message: EventQueue Timer Expired 5 Times
Issue: If you are testing with some real ECUs and if you are using CANoe as a restbus simulation, you might receive the following system error message: System Error: timer EventQueue Timer expired 5 times at the same point of time. Potential recursion! Solution: Configure CANoe to use...
2017-07-20 rating Views: 23
2017-07-12 Getting Started with VT6000 and VT6104
Enclosed you will find a guide for getting started with VT6000 and VT6104.
2017-07-12 rating Views: 1793
2017-07-12 How Can I Change the VLAN Id and IP Address at Run Time?
Question: How can I change the VLAN ID and IP address at run time? Answer: The VLAN Id and IP Address might be adapted before an Ethernet frame is sent if all possible VLAN Ids have been previously configured in the IP Stack like for instance: In this case it is possible at run...
2017-07-12 rating Views: 107
2017-07-12 How to Use CANoe as DoIP Tester to Address my ECU
Question: How can I use CANoe as DoIP tester to address my ECU? Answer: This example contents two configurations that simulate an ECU answering to the DoIP Diagnostic Requests sent by CANoe Tester on a VLAN based Ethernet network. The diagnostic requests can manually be sent with the...
2017-07-12 rating Views: 69
2017-07-10 Performance Problem with CANoe Simulation Configuration
Depending on the data base used as basis for the generation of a CANoe simulation, the resulting configuration sometimes contains a huge amount of data. This might lead to the following difficulties: Timeout Error during the configuration loading The loading of the generated remaining bus...
2017-07-10 rating Views: 118
2017-07-06 Change of Function Signature
Question: How to easily adapt all calling points of a function, if the name or the parameter list of the function changes? Answer: There is no functionality to automatically adapt all calling points of a function in case the signature changes. This feature is not provided due to several...
2017-07-06 rating Views: 34
2017-07-06 Logging of Test Cases
Question: How can I activate logging of single test cases or test sequences of my test design? Answer: Configure a logging block in the Measurement Setup of the CANoe configuration. In the configuration of the logging block select mode Test Trigger. Select between different possible...
2017-07-06 rating Views: 36
2017-07-06 Access of Parameter of Type ‘Data’
Question: How can I access a vTESTstudio parameter of type ‘Data’? Answer: A parameter of type Data represents a byte array. The input format has to be a list of bytes, separated by spaces. By the use of the test command Set in the Test Table Editor or in one of the graphical...
2017-07-06 rating Views: 47
2017-07-05 vcand32.dll/vbcanif.dll (CAN Driver Library Files)
The files vcand32.dll and vbcanif.dll belong to the Vector CANdriver library. The CANdriver library is replaced by the XL Driver Library. Please find a migration guide in this Support Note. The latest version of the XL Driver Library is available in our download center. If you need the CAN...
2017-07-05 rating Views: 2946
2017-07-05 Operating Systems Supported by Vector Products
This document provides an overview about the operating systems supported by Vector products like illustrated in this picture:
2017-07-05 rating Views: 6164
The message “tx queue is full” means, that CANoe/CANalyzer tries to send more as it could. The transmit buffer is overflowed. This can have several causes: the bus is full of high prior messages and therefore CAN hardware cannot send You have a program which writes messages very quick to...
2017-07-05 rating Views: 8051
2017-07-05 Compatibility of MICROSAR and DaVinci Tools
For configuring the MICROSAR basic software modules you need a compatible version of the DaVinci Developer or DaVinci Configurator Pro. You may download the required version or service pack from DaVinci Service Packs Download. Note: With a license of the latest tool version you may also run...
2017-07-05 rating Views: 8849
2017-07-04 DHCP Server Simulation for VLAN Based Ethernet Network
This small example configuration contains a CAPL Node dhcpServer working as a simple DHCP server for a VLAN based network. The Server CAPL Code works on raw Ethernet frames and therefore does not need any VLAN specific configuration setting in its TCP/IP Stack. The dhcpServer node only needs the...
2017-07-04 rating Views: 28
2017-07-04 Difference between PCAP and CANoe Specific BLF Logging Format
Question: What is the difference between PCAP and the CANoe specific BLF logging format? Answer: The PCAP format has been defined to capture network traffic. A PCAP file only contains Ethernet frames. BLF files additionally contain: Link Status erroneous Ethernet packages frames of other...
2017-07-04 rating Views: 98
2017-07-03 DIAG-SERVICE ID in Exported ODX Files
Question: Is it possible to have fixed “DIAG-SERVICE ID” in exported ODX files? Answer: During ODX Export and if configured so in Menu Option | ODX | ODX Export | Export of Specific Properties, default dynamical “DIAG-SERVICE ID” with ECU qualifier as prefix are used in the created...
2017-07-03 rating Views: 595
2017-06-27 Preview of Test Execution Tree
Question: I would like to be able to see the complete test tree structure including the test cases from Test Table Editor and the ones for Test Diagram Editor (the structure of the Test Execution Tree as in CANoe), so that I get an overview of all test cases. Answer: The complete Test...
2017-06-27 rating Views: 666
2017-06-27 Test Case Iterations
Support Note: The following Support Note describes ways how to implement iterations of test cases in vTESTstudio. This means a test case is executed several times with the same or more interesting, different parameters.
2017-06-27 rating Views: 716
2017-06-27 Error Opening the NetIsolator on PC Running with Windows 10
Vector Network Driver also called Option Ethernet Driver, containing the NetIsolator, is unfortunately not compatible with Windows 10. This driver is only necessary for customers accessing Ethernet with a PC network adapter and not with a Vector interface hardware (like the VN5610 or VN5640). A...
2017-06-27 rating Views: 701
2017-06-27 Necessary Documents to Analyze CANalyzer/CANoe Configuration
Question: Which documents are necessary to analyze CANalyzer/CANoe configurations? Answer: For CANalyzer/CANoe versions from 8.5 on please: use the Support Assistant to directly send all needed information at once: Note: If you already have a pending support ticket and were...
2017-06-27 rating Views: 465
2017-06-21 Ethernet Gateway
Simulation of an Ethernet gateway using two VN5610 physically connected SimpleEthGateway
2017-06-21 rating Views: 350
2017-06-19 Installation and Uninstallation
For more information please refer to the following document.
2017-06-19 rating Views: 541
2017-06-01 Time Stamp Generation
CAN: SOF (Start of Frame): for synchronization RTR (Remote Transmission Request): RTR = 0 (dominant) data frame, RTR = 1 (recessive) remote frame IDE (Identifier Extention): IDE=0 (dominant) for 11-Bit IDs, IDE = 1 (recessive) for 29-Bit IDs) DLC (Date Length Code): number of data bytes in data...
2017-06-01 rating Views: 118
2017-05-31 Padding Diagnostic Frames in CANoe/CANalyzer (Fixed Frame Length of 8 Bytes)
In most cases, diagnostic frames using the ISO Transport Protocol (ISO-TP) shall be padded in order to have a constant 8 bytes long data field, independently of the actual data amount that is transported. Support Note: This Support Note explains how to process if your project CANoe /CANalyzer...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 1362
2017-05-31 "The File Version of the Database Is Not Supported" When Loading a Diagnostic Description File (CDD)
Issue: Error while loading diagnostic description: The file version of the database is not supported. Solution: This error message appears because the diagnostic description file (CDD file) was created with a newer version of CANdelaStudio. In some cases it could be an older version. To...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 546
2017-05-31 Is it Possible to Edit FIBEX for Ethernet with Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro?
Question: Is it possible to edit FIBEX for Ethernet with Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro? Answer: No, it is not. As AUTOSAR format ARXML will in long term replace the FIBEX format for Ethernet based network description, no development effort has been made in extending the Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 301