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Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.

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Find rows that contain both words.

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Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but rank rows higher if they also contain 'macintosh'.

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Find rows that contain the word 'apple' but not 'macintosh'.

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Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but if the row also contains the word 'macintosh', rate it lower than if row does not. This is "softer" than a search for '+apple -macintosh', for which the presence of 'macintosh' causes the row not to be returned at all.

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Find rows that contain the words 'apple' and 'turnover', or 'apple' and 'strudel' (in any order), but rank 'apple turnover' higher than 'apple strudel'.

Find rows that contain words such as 'apple', 'apples', 'applesauce', or 'applet'.

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Find rows that contain the exact phrase 'some words' (for example, rows that contain 'some words of wisdom' but not "some noise words").

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Recent Articles
2019-03-21 How to Stimulate Signals, System Variables or Environment Variables from CSV via CAPL
Question: How can I stimulate signals, system variables or environment variables from CSV via CAPL within a CAPL Test Module? Answer: The CANoe CAPL function StmCreate_CSV() allows to stimulate signals, system variables or environment variables from CSV. For advise, please use this simple CANoe...
2019-03-21 rating Views: 40
2019-03-20 Driver Certificate: SHA256 replaces SHA1
Info: Since 2018-10-25 the Vector SHA1 certificate for signing the drivers has expired. Vector will not issue a new certificate as this is declared as deprecated by Microsoft. Instead, Vector drivers are signed only with SHA256 (setup.exe, driver sys file and CAT file). The first driver...
2019-03-20 rating Views: 65
2019-03-18 Memory Issues when Starting CANoe Measurement with CANoe.DiVa Test Modules
Issue: A huge diagnostic specification file (CDD, ODX) may result in a huge test module with many CAPL files (e.g. more than 8). When starting the CANoe measurement you may get a window indicating Low on Memory. Background: The reason is that CANoe measurement can only use up to 4GB RAM...
2019-03-18 rating Views: 39
2019-03-15 Getting Started with VT6000 and VT6104/6204/6306
Enclosed you will find a guide for getting started with VT6000 and VT6104/6204/6306.
2019-03-15 rating Views: 3053
2019-03-14 Setup DPS Using Vector Interface
To setup the DPS Flashing tool delivered by GM with Vector HW interface, you need the Vector PassThru XL Library that has to be purchased. Check in Vector Hardware Config if the used Vector Interface has got a PassThru XL Library Licence bit. Please make sure that you have installed...
2019-03-14 rating Views: 1000
2019-03-14 Logging Block Control by Test Modules
Question: How can test modules control the logging block to change the filename of logging during a test? Answer: For CANoe < 7.6 SP3 Example for one single logging block, can easily be extended for multiple logging blocks (for CANoe < 7.6 SP3): Insert a system variable that should...
2019-03-14 rating Views: 4210
2019-03-13 No Connection to VT6000 Realtime Module (VT6010, VT6011, VT6050, VT6050A, VT6051, VT6051A)
Issue: No network connection can be established to a VT6000 realtime module. Possible causes: TCP/IP communication with the module is blocked or misconfigured Control Service or runtime kernel not running Issues with the software image Hardware defect Diagnosis: Check the PC /...
2019-03-13 rating Views: 302
2019-03-13 How to Generate a CAN FD Frame with BRS Enabled
Question: How can I activate the Bit Rate Switch (BRS)? Answer: The BRS bit decides whether the optional higher bit rate in the data phase of a CAN FD frame is used. Both, arbitration and data phase bit rate are configured in the Network Hardware Configuration. If a DBC database is used...
2019-03-13 rating Views: 3432
2019-03-12 Transceiver Compatibility List
This document provides an overview about the Transceiver Compatibility List like illustrated in this picture:
2019-03-12 rating Views: 7541
2019-03-11 Installation and Update
Get detailed information about the first steps after you receive your Vector AUTOSAR delivery and how to update. Standard Deliveries MICROSAR 3 MICROSAR 4 Evaluation Bundles MICROSAR 3 MICROSAR 4
2019-03-11 rating Views: 17990
2019-03-11 Suppressing the Disclaimer of CANape During the Start of the Program
Question: How can I start CANape without having to confirm a disclaimer? Answer: For legal reasons the disclaimer must be shown. It has to be accepted at least once for each configuration and CANape version. If you create a script which starts CANape in an automatized workflow you need...
2019-03-11 rating Views: 69
2019-03-11 Hardware Cannot Be Assigned
Issue: In CANalyzer/CANoe under menu Hardware | Network Hardware, it is not possible to assign a hardware. Under menu Help | About, CANalyzer/CANoe is registered as a DEMO version. Solution: Please uninstall CANalyzer/CANoe and reinstall it again. Please make sure, that you don't activate the...
2019-03-11 rating Views: 1730
2019-03-11 CANdela Diagnostic Converters (Persistors)
Issue: CANdelaStudio or another Vector diagnostic tool fails to open a CANdela document (CDD file) because it does not support the document version. Solution: Please install the converter Add-on from: CANdela Persistors Background: The file format of a newer CANdelaStudio version...
2019-03-11 rating Views: 19951
2019-03-04 Merging of Two Variants of a CDD into at Third One
To merge two variants (for instance Development and Development2) of a CDD into a third one (for instance NewName), please proceed like following: Select the following option to allow copying of Diagnostics Instances Start the Variant-Wizard: Use copy as action to create the new variant,...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 326
2019-03-04 Import of a DoIP Based DiVa Project in CANoe
The following instruction concerns only CANoe versions up to 9.0 SP3: From CANoe 9.0 SP4 on, the following manual settings are not required anymore as they will be automatically done during DiVa project import if the following setting has been activated in DiVa Project: Import in an...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 563
2019-03-04 Restrictions of Indigo 4.2 (64 bit Version)
With Indigo 4.2 SP1, a new 64 bit version of Indigo has been made available. It contains some few restrictions compared to the 32 bit Indigo version. Please consult the Readme of Indigo Installation CD for more details: There will be no more restrictions in the newer Indigo 64 bit main release...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 330
2019-03-04 Is it Possible to Use a .net Indigo Script in CANoe for Automation Purposes?
Question: Is it possible to use a .net Indigo Script in CANoe for automation purposes? Answer: Yes, it is. First generate an Indigo Script containing all steps your automation requires. This script shall then manually be adapted for CANoe‘s usage as indicated in the Application...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 636
2019-03-04 How Can I Update the Fields of an Exported RTF Document?
Question: How can I update the fields of an Exported RTF Document? Answer: The fields (table of contents and others) of an RTF Export might either be: automatically actualize if the corresponding Tool Option has been activated manually actualize in exported Word Document using Ctrl A...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 283
2019-03-04 SimpleReceptionEthFrames
Configuration to send and receive Ethernet Frames (alternative raw frames) using Eth IL callback. SimpleReceptionEthFrames
2019-03-04 rating Views: 904
2019-03-04 UDP Observer
Simulated bus with ECU sending an IPV4/UDP frame containing a 32 bit float value, that is received in a system variable and tracked in Graphic Window. udp observer
2019-03-04 rating Views: 640
2019-03-04 Necessary Data to Analyze Trouble with PassThru XL Library
In case you have trouble working with the PassThru XL Library, please send us the following information: The VectorHardwareConfig-Report The Log file that has been obtained with DEBUG log level, as indicated in the document PassThru Logging Configuration that is part of the PassThru XL...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 79
2019-03-04 Which ISO14229-1 Edition Is Supported by DiVa: 2006 or 2013?
Question: Which ISO14229-1 Edition is supported by DiVa? Answer: The content of the tests, that DiVa generates, depends on the CDD that is used in the project. From DiVa 3.1 SP1 on, DiVa automatically recognizes which Edition is described in the CDD and generates accordingly the tests. The...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 120
2019-03-04 VN5610 BroadR-Reach Link Up Fails
If the Activity LED of your VN5610 is not illuminated after having connected the corresponding Ethernet channel to a device or Evaluation Board, then the Link Up to this device was not successful. Please check if the link-configuration (e.g. Master/Slave settings, Speed) of both link-partners...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 987
2019-03-04 DTC Export: Compatibility between CANdelaStudio and Excel
For export of DTCs to Excel, CANdelaStudio uses the installed version of Excel that is to find using the following Windows registry key: SOFTWAREClassesExcel.ApplicationCurVer. Export of DTCs is available... ... to .xls: if Excel 2000 (registry Excel.Application.10) or higher* is installed ...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 744
2019-03-04 The Ethernet Frames in Trace Window Are Only Interpreted as UDP/TCP Frame
Question: Why are the Ethernet frames in trace window just interpreted as TCP/UDP and not as higher protocol level frame? Answer: Probably the ECU is sending the Ethernet frames on a port that is not defined in CANoe as belonging to higher protocol level and is therefore not interpreted...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 596