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2019-11-15 How to Simulate Loads with Currents > 10 A with the VT System
Question: Can Vector support the simulation of a constant current load with more than 10 A current with a card for VT System (while one channel of the VT1004A supports constant current load simulation up to 10 A)? Answer: A current of more than 10 A for constant current load can be...
2019-11-15 rating Views: 16
2019-11-15 Test Comparison Report
The Test Comparison Report feature introduced in 2019 allows users to compare the test case data of selected test cases within a subprogram. The Test Comparison Report is presented as a filterable table, allowing the user to see similarities and differences in test cases as the data for multiple...
2019-11-15 rating Views: 168
2019-11-15 Hardware Compatibility With New Vector License Model
This document provides an overview about the Compatibility of Vector Interfaces with the New Vector License Model like illustrated in this picture:
2019-11-15 rating Views: 11641
2019-11-15 Shall I Configure VN56xx in Vector HW Configuration or CANoe Configuration?
Question: Shall I configure VN56xx in Vector HW configuration or CANoe configuration? Answer: If you configure your VN56xx within CANoe, the Ethernet settings will only be active during CANoe measurement. Moreover, because the configuration has first to be transmitted to the interface, the...
2019-11-15 rating Views: 1381
2019-11-15 Diagnostics with CAPL since 9.0 SP3
This Support Note will show you step by step how to access an ECU using the diagnostic functions and how to create tests for the diagnostic components with CANoe (and as far as possible with CANalyzer) using the CAPL programming language. These articles will only cover diagnostics on CAN, but...
2019-11-15 rating Views: 1475
2019-11-14 Adaptive MICROSAR: Installation and Update
Enclosed you will find detailed information regarding first steps and update of the Vector Adaptive MICROSAR delivery: for version 1.x for version 2.x and higher
2019-11-14 rating Views: 1695
2019-11-11 Creation of a CRC Error - VH6501
This configuration demonstrates how to create a CRC error on a CAN or CAN FD message using Vector VH6501.
2019-11-11 rating Views: 110
2019-11-11 A2L File Does not Open with ASAP2 Studio, No Valid License Found
Question: When I double-click my A2L file it does not open with ASAP2 Studio. ASAP2 Studio displays no valid license found even though the license identification is connected (hardware- or software-based license according Legacy License Model). How can I view A2L files with ASAP2 Studio on...
2019-11-11 rating Views: 35
2019-11-11 How to Change the Default Event Channel of an XCP Device in CANape
Question: How can I define a default XCP event channel which is used for measuring signals of a XCP device? Answer: Per default CANape auto detects the event channel which can be defined for each signal in the A2L file. If a fixed or variable DAQ event is defined for a signal, it can be...
2019-11-11 rating Views: 24
2019-11-11 Combine Function Call Coverage with Other Coverage Types
VectorCAST 2019 SP3 allows the user to combine Function Call coverage with the following coverage types. Only coverage types with Statement coverage are supported: Statement coverage Statement+Branch coverage Statement+MC/DC coverage To combine coverage, first instrument for Statement,...
2019-11-11 rating Views: 61
2019-11-08 Focus of VH1150 Compared To VH6501
Question: What is the focal point of VH1150 and VH6501? Which product is more suitable for my task? Answer: The two products differ in their scope. The fields of application are as follows: VH1150: General: Ground offset for the power supply of the ECU Analog and digital I/O...
2019-11-08 rating Views: 949
2019-11-08 Monitoring Signal Availability in CANape
Support Note: The following Support Note describes an example of one practical way of monitoring signals from different devices with the help of a function inside CANape. The function comes in handy when monitoring the correct functionality of a device while measuring (logging) for longer...
2019-11-08 rating Views: 55
2019-11-08 How to Display Arrays with More Than 16 Elements from Linker-Map-Files
Question: How can I display fields or multi dimensional arrays with more than 16 elements? Answer: In the options dialog of ASAP2 Studio (Backpanel | Options | Linker Map Reader), you can select the Maximum array size, which describes the maximum number of elements that are expanded. The...
2019-11-08 rating Views: 115
2019-11-08 How to Display Arrays with More Than 16 Elements Using ASAP2 Editor
Question: How can I read an array with more than 16 values? Answer: To do that you need to change the default value of 16 for that array size. If you can use ASAP2 Studio please refer to this article: How to Display Arrays with More Than 16 Elements from Linker-Map-Files. With ASAP...
2019-11-08 rating Views: 1551
2019-11-06 Software Compatibility With New Vector License Model
This document provides an overview about the Compatibility of Vector Software Products with the New Vector License Model like illustrated in this picture.
2019-11-06 rating Views: 10937
2019-11-06 CANape OBD Device Supports Passenger Car Specifications But Not Heavy Duty Standards
Question: Is it possible to do an OBD-based diagnostic with CANape in trucks or heavy duty vehicles? Answer: OBD device in CANape supports specs for passenger cars as SAE J1979 and ISO 15031, but not specifications for Heavy Duty such as WWH-OBD (ISO 27145) and HD-OBD (SAE J1939-73).
2019-11-06 rating Views: 42
2019-11-06 How to Interpret Return Values of MICROSAR NvM
Question: How can I interpret return values of MICROSAR NvM? Answer: Mostly the NvM maps the result delivered by the underlying abstraction directly to the NvM result as follows: MemIf_JobResultType NvM_RequestResultType MEMIF_JOB_OK NVM_REQ_OK ...
2019-11-06 rating Views: 121
2019-11-05 Manipulation of MAC Address or Ethernet Packet Content at Run Time
Question: How can I manipulate the MAC address or the content of an Ethernet packet at run time? Answer: If you use the TCP/IP stack instance in CANoe to send or receive the Ethernet packet, it is possible to manipulate the packet and change every Ethernet packet's field at run time....
2019-11-05 rating Views: 728
2019-11-05 How to Recognize the Media Type of Your AVB Stream
Question: How can I recognize the Media Type of my AVB stream? Answer: To recognize the AVB type of your video, just replay it using a Replay Block Ethernet and have a look at the trace using the appropriate Column Layout. AVTP (IEEE1722): RTP (RFC3550)+ RTP/AVB(IEEE1733): If you...
2019-11-05 rating Views: 905
2019-11-05 Ethernet/CAN Gateway
The EthernetCanGateway configuration is a simulation that demonstrates how to implement a bidirectional CAN/Ethernet gateway using IPv4. Ethernet to CAN transmission: The Gateway (client) shall first receive a UDP-Frame to start. This frame can be sent by the Ethernet IG (server). It contains...
2019-11-05 rating Views: 2651
2019-11-05 Padding Diagnostic Frames in CANoe/CANalyzer (Fixed Frame Length of 8 Bytes)
In most cases, diagnostic frames using the ISO Transport Protocol (ISO-TP) shall be padded in order to have a constant 8 bytes long data field, independently of the actual data amount that is transported. Support Note: This Support Note explains how to process if your project CANoe /CANalyzer...
2019-11-05 rating Views: 3186
2019-11-05 CANoe.J1939 DTC Monitor: Step by Step Video Guide Available
For CANoe.J1939 there is a basic step by step video guide available for functionality and usage of the DTC monitor (assisted by screen tips). It is accessible using following link: J1939 DTC Monitor: valid for CANoe ≥ 9.0 Note: This video is included...
2019-11-05 rating Views: 39
2019-11-05 CANoe.ISO11783: Several Step by Step Video Guides Available
For CANoe.ISO11783 there are several basic step by step video guides available assisted by screen tips. They are accessible using following links: ISO11783: Interactive Task Controller (Functionality and Usage of the Interactive Task Controller) In...
2019-11-05 rating Views: 46
2019-11-04 Necessary Data to Analyze DiVa Projects
Question: Which data is necessary to analyze DiVa projects? Answer: In case you need support to analyze your project or test configuration, please provide us with a Pack&Go of your DiVa project via File | Export Pack & Go…: In case you need support to analyze failed tests...
2019-11-04 rating Views: 2034
2019-11-04 How to Send Manually Defined Diagnostic Service Requests Using CAPL
Question: I have a diagnostic description which does not contain all diagnostic services which I need to use. How can I additionally send manually defined diagnostic service requests using CAPL? How can I send those diagnostic requests periodically? Answer: In the Diagnostic Console, it is...
2019-11-04 rating Views: 8384