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Find rows that contain both words.

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Find rows that contain the word 'apple' but not 'macintosh'.

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Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but if the row also contains the word 'macintosh', rate it lower than if row does not. This is "softer" than a search for '+apple -macintosh', for which the presence of 'macintosh' causes the row not to be returned at all.

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Find rows that contain the words 'apple' and 'turnover', or 'apple' and 'strudel' (in any order), but rank 'apple turnover' higher than 'apple strudel'.

Find rows that contain words such as 'apple', 'apples', 'applesauce', or 'applet'.

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2020-06-04 DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite: Installation Guide
Enclosed you will find the Installation Guide of the DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite:
2020-06-04 rating Views: 201
2020-06-04 Partial Configuration for CANape
Support Note: Partial Configuration is a feature, that enables you to adjust your CANape project to cover various use cases (for example one configuration for measurement, second configuration for calibration and third configuration for diagnostics). The Support Note Partial Configuration...
2020-06-04 rating Views: 23
2020-06-03 How to Read Extended Data Records with vTESTstudio Test Commands
Question: How can I get extended data records with the vTESTstudio test commands for Fault Memory in the Test Table Editor? Answer: The Fault Memory DTCs test command can use either the diagnostic service 19 04 or 19 06 for being able to read both Snapshot Record Data and Extended Data...
2020-06-03 rating Views: 44
2020-06-03 Basic Functionality of CallConverter
Support Note: The Support Note Basic Functionality of CallConverter provides an overview of the basic functions of CallConverter for an easier start using the tool. The command-line tool CallConverter is located in the EXEC (32-bit application) or EXEC64 (64-bit application) directory....
2020-06-03 rating Views: 83
2020-05-29 Firmware Update of Vector Keyman
Question: How can I update the firmware of a Vector Keyman offline? Answer: How to update the firmware of a Vector Keyman offline. Download this file with the firmware update and extract the file CmDongleFirmwareUpdate4_05.wbb. Connect the Vector...
2020-05-29 rating Views: 49
2020-05-29 What to Do if My Vector Keyman Does Not Appear in Vector License Client
Question: What can I do if the Vector Keyman is not shown in the Vector License Client as License Carrier so that I cannot activate a New Vector License on it? Answer: Check the serial number: If the serial number is < 3-344000, the Vector Keyman is not supported as License...
2020-05-29 rating Views: 4328
2020-05-28 External Reader and Writer
For analysis and replay there are also vendor specific formats for reading and writing available. Custom specific readers and writers for any number of log formats can be specified with the BINLOG in CANoe/CANalyzer. See also CANoe/CANalyzer help "Logging Block: External Writer/Reader".
2020-05-28 rating Views: 3783
2020-05-27 Adaptive MICROSAR: Installation and Update
Enclosed you will find detailed information regarding first steps and update of the Vector Adaptive MICROSAR delivery: for version 1.x for version 2.x and higher
2020-05-27 rating Views: 2891
2020-05-25 CarMaker Interface Add-On and VN8900
Question: I am using the new CarMaker interface and can find CarMaker variables in the CarMaker interface panel with “localhost” addressing, but I am unable to connect to CarMaker when starting a measurement in CANoe. I am also connected to a VN8900 interface. How can I connect to the...
2020-05-25 rating Views: 103
2020-05-25 Supported MATLAB and Compiler Versions
This document contains the compiler compatibility matrix for Vector CANape RT-Target (DLL)
2020-05-25 rating Views: 2578
2020-05-25 Warning Message During CANape Installation on Windows 7
Issue: On Windows 7 under some circumstances an error message dialog Warning 1946. Property... could not be set. appears. Here is an example: Solution: The properties are Windows 8 related, and this warning can be ignored if the software is installed on a Window 7 PC. Follow this link...
2020-05-25 rating Views: 205
2020-05-25 Serial Number of Vector Keyman seems not to read out correctly
Question: Why does it not work to read out correctly the serial number or license info of the Vector Keyman dongle with the XL Driver Library? Answer: Reading out the serial number is possible with the function CANDemo.XL_GetKeymanInfo. You should be aware though, that the first...
2020-05-25 rating Views: 425
2020-05-25 How to Start CANoe and Measurement During Autostart of Computer with Visual Basic Script (VBS)
Question: How do I start CANoe and the measurement during the autostart of the computer? Answer: Copy the Visual Basic Script into the autostart folder: C:\Users\”user name” \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Dim ScriptPath ScriptPath =...
2020-05-25 rating Views: 1831
2020-05-25 Error Frames When Using CAN-FD
Question/Problem: Using CAN-FD results in error frames in the CANoe trace window The ECU is sending CAN-FD frames, which leads to error frames visualized inside of the CANoe Trace view. The observed behavior on the bus is regardless of the bitrate and occurs also in the arbitration phase....
2020-05-25 rating Views: 7952
2020-05-25 Support Request Package for MICROSAR 3 or MICROSAR 4 Projects
This video shows how to create a Support Request Package and how to send it to Vector. See how to create the Support Request Package for a MICROSAR 4 project, using DaVinci Configurator Pro or for a MICROSAR 3 project using GENy. After the generation of the Support Request Package, it is...
2020-05-25 rating Views: 2743
2020-05-25 Copy CSV – Copy and Paste Grid Views from One DaVinci Configuration Project via the CSV Format
This video shows how to copy grid view data from a DaVinci Configurator Pro project to Excel or other tools that can deal with the CSV format. The information about rows and columns is retained.
2020-05-25 rating Views: 357
2020-05-25 Copy ARXML – Copy and Paste Configuration Data from One DaVinci Configuration Project to Another
This video shows how to copy any configuration data from a DaVinci Configurator Pro project (as ARXML) and paste it into another DaVinci Configurator Pro project.
2020-05-25 rating Views: 800
2020-05-25 How to Execute HW-Specific Requests of a vMem Using the vMemAccM
Question: How do I execute HW-Specific requests of a vMem using the vMemAccM Answer: It is not allowed the call the vMem API directly, therefore the HW-specific vMem requests have to be set up through the vMemAccM to be prioritized against and synchronized with other vMem requests. To set up...
2020-05-25 rating Views: 167
2020-05-20 Where to Find vFlash Status Codes when Using vFlash in CANoe with CAPL
Question: Where can I find a description of the vFlash Status Codes when vFlash is called from CANoe via CAPL? Answer: vFlash can be controlled via CANoe’s CAPL. A Node Layer dll is available and additionally an example on how to use the dll. For more information, please see this...
2020-05-20 rating Views: 583
2020-05-20 OTX Scripts Usage (for CANoe/CANape/Indigo)
OTX sequences may be executed in CANoe, CANape and Indigo after they have been converted to .NET based VDS (Vector Diagnostic Script). Vector provides this converter on demand. This converter supports OTX core and major standard libraries (Diagnostic Communication, HMI, Event, Logging, Math,...
2020-05-20 rating Views: 1614
2020-05-20 Which Plugins Are Supported by ODXStudio?
Question: Which plugins are supported by ODXStudio? Answer: ODXStudio supports a set of plugin interfaces. These plugins are used for ODXStudio command lines. For instance the plugin interface ISecurityEncryptionCompressionPlugin is necessary for the automatic creation of flash container. ...
2020-05-20 rating Views: 1030
2020-05-20 DM1: How to Detail in a Trace Window the DTC According to J1939-73
Question: DM1: How can I correctly display the 19 bit long SPN? Answer: J1939-73 defines the DTC with different fields: In particular the SPN is a 19 bits field (16 first bits for standard values + 3 bits for proprietary values) that have to be transmitted on CAN as following: To...
2020-05-20 rating Views: 7060
2020-05-20 Is it Possible to Use a .net Indigo Script in CANoe for Automation Purposes?
Question: Is it possible to use a .net Indigo Script in CANoe for automation purposes? Answer: Yes, it is. First generate an Indigo Script containing all steps your automation requires. This script shall then manually be adapted for CANoe‘s usage as indicated in the Application...
2020-05-20 rating Views: 839
2020-05-20 How to Access to OBD Data with Indigo
Question: How can OBD data be accessed? Answer: In Vector Tools, OBD data are indeed diagnostic parameters that are not described in a network description file (DBC, FIBEX, ARXML) like usual signals but in an internal, standard specific diagnostic description (internal encrypted CDD). In the...
2020-05-20 rating Views: 482
2020-05-20 Scripted, Automated Generation of HTML Reports in a VectorCAST Project
Question: How can I generate HTML reports from the command line to automate the generation of reports? I’d like to avoid manual steps in the GUI. Answer: This can be achieved through a Windows batch script like this: %VECTORCAST_DIR%\manage project <P> build-execute...
2020-05-20 rating Views: 48