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Recent Articles
2019-01-17 Configuration of U-Blox GPS Receiver for Use with Vector Tools
The following Support Note gives you a step by step solution for the widely-used GPS receiver modules from u-blox, which needs a special one-time configuration in order to work with tools from Vector (e.g. CANape).
2019-01-17 rating Views: 569
2019-01-17 CANdelaStudio: Efficient Usage of Data Identifiers (DIDs)
In this video, you will find tips and tricks for working with DIDs when creating and editing a formal ECU diagnostic specification:
2019-01-17 rating Views: 9
2019-01-17 Trace Window Configuration to Analyse CCP/XCP Communication
Support Note: The following Support Note describes how to configure the trace window to analyse CCP or XCP communication in CANape.
2019-01-17 rating Views: 1222
2019-01-17 A2L Creation from CANape
Question: How do I create an A2L file from CANape? Answer: see Application Note
2019-01-17 rating Views: 11617
2019-01-17 Anonymous Measurement in CANape
Support Note: The following Support Note describes the required steps to create, use and analyze a configuration in CANape for anonymous measurement.
2019-01-17 rating Views: 104
2019-01-17 How to Access to OBD Data with Indigo
Question: How can OBD data be accessed? Answer: In Vector Tools, OBD data are indeed diagnostic parameters that are not described in a network description file (DBC, FIBEX, ARXML) like usual signals but in an internal, standard specific diagnostic description (internal encrypted CDD). In the...
2019-01-17 rating Views: 90
2019-01-16 How to Activate a License Offline
Question: The computer on which I want to activate my New Vector License is behind a firewall and cannot connect to the Vector License Activation Server. How can I activate my New Vector License offline? Answer: The complete process is shown here: No YouTube Access To activate a...
2019-01-16 rating Views: 84
2019-01-16 Possibility to Create AUTOSAR DEXT with CANdelaStudio
Question: Is it possible to create AUTOSAR DEXT with CANdelaStudio? Answer: Yes, it is. The export of AUTOSAR DEXT is available for each CDD from CANdelaStudio 8.5 SP2 on. Find more information on the usage of AUTOSAR DEXT in Vector toolchain in this article. Note: Since CANdelaStudio...
2019-01-16 rating Views: 25
2019-01-16 Proxy Settings for Vector License Client
Question: What can be done on customer side when connection problems prevent the Online Activation of a Vector product with the Vector License Client? Answer: The Vector License Client connects to (via https port 443). This must be arranged by the...
2019-01-16 rating Views: 225
2019-01-16 How to Activate My New Vector CANoe Licenses
Question: I want to start working with my Vector tools that I have purchased based on the New Vector License Model. How can I activate my New Vector Licenses for CANoe? Answer: No YouTube Access To activate a license by internet connection, please take the following steps: Open the...
2019-01-16 rating Views: 754
2019-01-15 Online Assistant for CANoe or CANalyzer Assertions
CANoe/CANalyzer terminated unexpectedly. Please excuse the inconvenience. This should not occur. A crash can have various causes. The causes can be CANoe/CANalyzer internal, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 CANoe/CANalyzer terminated unexpectedly. Please excuse the...
2019-01-15 rating Views: 5935
2019-01-15 Online-Assistent für CANoe oder CANalyzer Abstürze
CANoe/CANalyzer wurde unerwartet beendet. Entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten. Dies sollte nicht vorkommen. Ein Absturz kann verschiedene Ursachen haben. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 CANoe/CANalyzer wurde unerwartet beendet. Entschuldigen Sie die...
2019-01-15 rating Views: 2997
2019-01-15 Minimum Vector Software Version for Vector Keyman License Dongle
This document provides an overview about which software version is required at least to use Vector Keyman as license dongle.
2019-01-15 rating Views: 10474
2019-01-15 MissingMethodException During Test Execution
Issue: After updating from an earlier version of CANoe to CANoe 12 or later, tests using the VT System .NET API fail with a MissingMethodException. Solution: Recompile your .NET test DLL against the latest CANoe Test Feature Set assemblies. Those can be found in the Exec32/NetDev folder of your...
2019-01-15 rating Views: 13
2019-01-14 Where to Find vFlash Status Codes when Using vFlash in CANoe with CAPL
Question: Where can I find a description of the vFlash Status Codes when vFlash is called from CANoe via CAPL? Answer: vFlash can be controlled via CANoe’s CAPL. A Node Layer dll is available and additionally an example on how to use the dll. For more information, please see this...
2019-01-14 rating Views: 40
2019-01-14 Possibility to Map Test Requirements to DiVa Test Cases
Question: Is it possible to map my test requirements to DiVa test cases? Answer: Yes, from CANoe DiVa 10 on, your test requirements might easily be mapped to the DiVa test cases of a finished test report. All you need is a vti-tso (Vector Trace Item -vTESTstudio) file that can be exported...
2019-01-14 rating Views: 116
2019-01-11 CANdelaStudio View 8.1 and 8.2 Start as Demo Version
Issue: CANdelaStudio View 8.1 and 8.2 (as part of a hardware-based licensed CANoe/CANalyzer/CANape version) start as demo version. The issue has been solved in CANdelaStudio 8.5. Solution: CANdelaStudio View 8.1 requires the hardware-based license of the bundled main program...
2019-01-11 rating Views: 2315
2019-01-11 Hardware Compatibility With New Vector License Model
This document provides an overview about the Compatibility of Vector Interfaces with the New Vector License Model like illustrated in this picture:
2019-01-11 rating Views: 1417
2019-01-11 License Manager Help: How to Activate and Handle Software-Based Licenses?
The attached document describes how to activate and handle a software-based license (SBL). Note: The above described software-based licenses are according to the Legacy License Model. Licenses according to the New Vector License Model can also be placed on the operation computer but through...
2019-01-11 rating Views: 8034
2019-01-11 Activating a Software-Based License
Question: How can I activate a software-based license? Background: Vector software products generally require a license to be operated. There are mainly two licensing models used. In the Legacy License Model there are two license protection methods available: hardware- and software-based...
2019-01-11 rating Views: 10165
2019-01-10 Reading the Fault Memory with a .NET Test Module in C#
This example configuration shows how to read and clear the fault memory using diagnostics services from a .NET test module written in C#. It contains several test cases and a simulated ECU node (simulated in CAPL), the latter for demonstration purposes only. Note: CANoe 9.0 or higher is...
2019-01-10 rating Views: 42
2019-01-10 How to Create diagRequest/diagResponse-Object by Using a String-Variable in CAPL
Question: How can I create a diagRequest/diagResponse-object by using a String-Variable in CAPL? Answer: If the Service Qualifier for a diagnostic service is provided as string, it is possible to re-initialize an already existing diagRequest/diagResponse-object by using the CAPL-function...
2019-01-10 rating Views: 128
2019-01-09 Hardware-Based License Is not Recognized
If you have a software licensed as hardware-based license according to the Legacy License Model (check license model first) this license shall be displayed in the Vector Hardware Config (Windows Start | Control Panel | Vector Hardware | Overview). If you see no licenses, check on your delivery...
2019-01-09 rating Views: 8409
2019-01-09 Where to See Licenses from Vector
Question: In which tool or setting can I see all my licenses from Vector? In which place / location can I check which licenses have been activated on my system? Answer: For Vector software products there are mainly two licensing models: The New Vector License Model (NVLM) The Legacy...
2019-01-09 rating Views: 107
2019-01-09 Basic Information on Hardware-Based Licensing (According Legacy License Model)
For running the Vector Software Tools (e. g. CANalyzer, CANoe, CANape), an appropriate license is needed. For these products currently two licensing models from Vector are available. The Legacy License Model and the New Vector License Model (NVLM, see differences). Software license...
2019-01-09 rating Views: 22553