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Recent Articles
2020-04-03 Remote Deployment of Test Tool onto Build Server
Background and Environment We deployed our VectorCAST unit testing tool on a server running Linux during a recent evaluation at a large Avionics company in East Asia. This server hosted the compiler for Linaro Linux, one of the embedded Linux flavors that can be found on the market. The client...
2020-04-03 rating Views: 41
2020-04-03 Complete Remote Build Process Between a Client Running VectorCAST and a Server
Background and Environment The customer, a large telecom company in East Asia, needed to run unit testing onto a system running on HP-UX. Their goal was to set a number of tests with expected values generated from actual results, a feature of VectorCAST, which would later be executed onto a...
2020-04-03 rating Views: 26
2020-04-03 How to Perform Integration Testing in Automotive (ISO 26262) in Subsystem Level
Background and Environment One question that is increasingly asked of VectorCAST Field Application Engineers in the field is the best practices surrounding integration testing as per the ISO 26262 standard. Until recently most of our Automotive customers have focused their ISO 26262 compliance...
2020-04-03 rating Views: 44
2020-04-03 How to Perform Integration Testing in Automotive (ISO 26262) in System Level
Background and Environment One question that is increasingly asked of VectorCAST Field Application Engineers in the field is the best practices surrounding integration testing as per the ISO 26262 standard. Until recently most of our Automotive customers have focused their ISO 26262 compliance...
2020-04-03 rating Views: 92
2020-04-02 CANoe Configuration for Vector/Rohde & Schwarz Cellular-V2X End-to-End Application Layer Test Solution
To use the Rohde & Schwarz and Vector Cellular-V2X end-to-end application layer test solution including the R&S CMW500 network simulator, the R&S SMBV100A/B GNSS simulator and CANoe .Car2x, a specific CANoe .Car2x configuration is necessary. Please find more information regarding...
2020-04-02 Views: 44
2020-04-02 What is a CAN FD SIC Transceiver?
Question: What is a CAN FD SIC Transceiver? Answer: SIC is the abbreviation for Signal Improvement Capability. A SIC transceiver allows to build more complex network topologies at higher communication bit rates. With current high-speed CAN transceivers 2 MBit/s can be achieved with a...
2020-04-02 rating Views: 50
2020-04-02 Faster Loading of a Map File (ELF/DWARF) in ASAP2 Studio
Question: Why does it take long for the ASAP2 Studio to load a map file (Elf/DWARF 32-/64-bit reader)? Answer: A very large number of top level entries cause the slow building of the MAP file window. Whenever the Elf/DWARF 32-/64-bit (ID 31) reader is used, please use the following...
2020-04-02 rating Views: 29
2020-04-01 Expanded VC/Cover Base Source Directories
VectorCAST 2020 introduces a new feature to enhance usability when creating and using Cover environments alone or as a System Testing environment. This enhancement makes it easy to: Add source files efficiently after specifying a "base source directory" Move entire Cover environments to a...
2020-04-01 rating Views: 25
2020-03-31 How to Activate XCP Sysvar Objects
Question: How can I activate XCP Sysvar objects to make them accessible with CAPL? Answer: There are two possibilities. The first one is to set all possibly required XCP variables to Configured, so that they can be accessed with the CAPL code. These variables can then be controlled f.e....
2020-03-31 rating Views: 34
2020-03-30 Groovy Script: ECU Extract Helpers
The intention of the script VAG_ExtractHelpers_DaVinciCfg5AIScript.dvgroovy is to add necessary content or correct ECU extracts or system descriptions that are used to create a Vector DaVinci Cfg5 project. It corrects two different problematic items: bit sizes with value “0” or not...
2020-03-30 rating Views: 33
2020-03-30 VN3xxx and VN7600: Code 10 in Windows Device Manager
Issue: VN3000 family and VN7600: Code 10 in Windows Device Manager Solution: It is necessary to install at least driver version 7.5.20 (which is included in the latest Vector Driver Setup) when you use a VN device with a new hardware revision.
2020-03-30 rating Views: 1801
2020-03-30 Formatting an External Storage Device
Question: How has an external storage device to be formatted so that it can be used for logging data? Answer: Both formats are possible: FAT32 or NTFS. Sidenote: External Memory An external memory can also be used for logging in standalone mode. If a SD card is installed in the VN8900...
2020-03-30 rating Views: 348
2020-03-27 How to Customize the Measurement File Comment
Support Note: This Support Note on how to customize the measurement file comment describes how measurement comments can be individualized for triggered or split measurements.
2020-03-27 rating Views: 55
2020-03-27 Support Request Package for MICROSAR 3 or MICROSAR 4 Projects
This video shows how to create a Support Request Package and how to send it to Vector. See how to create the Support Request Package for a MICROSAR 4 project, using DaVinci Configurator Pro or for a MICROSAR 3 project using GENy. After the generation of the Support Request Package, it is...
2020-03-27 rating Views: 2373
2020-03-26 EOL Parametrization of VC-VCCU with vFlash
Question: How can I parametrize my VC-VCCU with vFlash? Answer: Using vFlash 5.0 you can not only flash your VC-VCCU but also parametrize or even automate its parametrization. For more details on how to flash and parametrize your VC-VCCU (from the version 8.0.0 on), please refer to the...
2020-03-26 rating Views: 379
2020-03-25 CAN Driver for DIAdem does Not Work with DIAdem 64-Bit Version
Question: Why does it not work to include a CAN network with the Vector CAN Driver for DIAdem? The CANdriver.dll driver is visible under GPI extensions but I cannot access the functions. Answer: A possible reason for that is that you are working with a 64-bit version of DIAdem. The...
2020-03-25 rating Views: 37
2020-03-24 Compatibility Matrix for Adaptive MICROSAR
When you use the DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite in combination with Adaptive MICROSAR you need to use a compatible version of the tool. You find the compatibility matrix here. You find information about download and installation of DaVinci Adaptive Tool Suite versions here. Note: With a...
2020-03-24 rating Views: 935
2020-03-23 Rte Automatic Data Conversion – Description and Integration
Here you will find some use cases where the MICROSAR Rte is performing an automatic data conversion. What is Data Conversion in the Context of Rte? Data conversion is the ability of the Rte to automatically convert and re-scale data received via external communication when it is to be used at...
2020-03-23 rating Views: 56
2020-03-19 Connection of Pin 6 (Ground) of VN7572
Question: Must pin 6 of the D-SUB62 connector of VN7572 be directly connected to ground? Answer: The shield connection pin 6 is an HF ground. It is connected to the VN7572 signal ground via 1MΩ and 1 nF. The GND of each individual channel on DSUB9 pin 3 are isolated from it. The...
2020-03-19 rating Views: 60
2020-03-16 VN5610 BroadR-Reach Link Up Fails
If the Activity LED of your VN5610 is not illuminated after having connected the corresponding Ethernet channel to a device or Evaluation Board, then the Link Up to this device was not successful. Please check if the link-configuration (e.g. Master/Slave settings, Speed) of both link-partners...
2020-03-16 rating Views: 1483
2020-03-13 DYNA4 Quick Start Tutorial
Start easily with DYNA4 Vehicle and Environment Simulation by watching the DYNA4 Quick Start Tutorial. In this short video you get a brief hands-on introduction to make you familiar with the basic usage of DYNA4 and how to get started for your simulation projects. No YouTube Access Note:...
2020-03-13 rating Views: 89
2020-03-13 Video Tutorials if No YouTube Access Is Possible
In different articles in the Vector KnowledgeBase there are explanation videos that embed a video located at YouTube. In case no YouTube access is possible you can view these videos through the below links with your local video client (e.g. Windows Media Player). Note: We highly recommend to...
2020-03-13 rating Views: 865
2020-03-10 Groovy Script: Filechooser to Read and Save an Excel Workbook
This script example opens a dialog to load an .xls file, copies it in an Excel Workbook and then opens a dialog to choose the path where to save it.
2020-03-10 rating Views: 84
2020-03-10 CANape Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANape Versions and Supported Hardware.
2020-03-10 rating Views: 6562
2020-03-06 Automatic Learning of XCP Optional Commands Availability
CANape has a default feature no longer sending the optional commands which are not implemented or were not implemented initially, respectively. That means CANape will always do a check of XCP optional commands to determine whether they are available in the ECU or not. The result will then be...
2020-03-06 rating Views: 63