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Recent Articles
2018-01-18 AVB Streaming with CANoe
CANoe supports Video Streaming using AVTP or RTP as Transport Protocol, whereas several encoding possibilities are offered. The table below gives an overview on which standard is supported by which CANoe version and where a corresponding demonstration configuration can be found: AVB...
2018-01-18 rating Views: 664
2018-01-18 How to access to Some/IP PDUs
Question: How can Some/IP PDUs be accessed? Answer: Since CANoe 10 SP4 it is possible to access all Some/IP PDUs using the on PDU * Event handler: on PDU * { if (this.LongHeaderID ==0x7D00065 ) { write ("Some/IP PDU received: %x length %d", this.LongHeaderID, this....
2018-01-18 rating Views: 16
2018-01-18 How to Use CANoe as DoIP Tester to Address my ECU
Question: How can I use CANoe as DoIP tester to address my ECU? Answer: This example contains four configurations that simulate an ECU answering to the DoIP Diagnostic Requests sent by CANoe Tester on an Ethernet network (with/without VLAN or DHCP and based on IPv4/IPv6). The diagnostic...
2018-01-18 rating Views: 937
2018-01-17 Logging Formats
Logging files will be written in Logging Blocks, exported from Analyze Blocks or can be a result of a file conversation. These logging files can then be read in Replay Blocks or as offline source files. CANoe and CANalyzer support two types of logging formats: message-based and...
2018-01-17 rating Views: 27544
2018-01-17 CANdelaStudio Does Not Start, No Log Stored and No Error Displayed
Issue: CANdelaStudio does not start, no log stored and no error displayed. Background: A look at the Windows Event Viewer shows the following: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BEX Application Name: CANdelaStudio.exe Application Version: 8.5.2100.0 Application Timestamp:...
2018-01-17 rating Views: 105
2018-01-17 How to Find Some/IP Methods Containing in my ARXML/FIBEX
Question: How can I find the Some/IP Methods that are content in my ARXML/FIBEX Answer: Vector Symbol Explorer doesn’t display at the moment any methods. To find out the available methods that are content in your ARXML/Fibex, please use an XML Editor like for example the Altova XMLspy. ...
2018-01-17 rating Views: 269
2018-01-17 CANdelaStudio Error Message: „error 5 from xml parser: unclosed token“
Issue: Error Message: „error 5 from xml parser: unclosed token“ appears in CANdelaStudio. Background: This Error Message appears if the CDD is not complete for instance because the CDD has been truncated while transmitting. Solution: Wrap the CDD into a .zip file before transmitting....
2018-01-17 rating Views: 23
2018-01-17 Ethernet Gateway
Simulation of an Ethernet gateway that can manipulate the transmitted Ethernet frames, using two VN5610 physically connected. SimpleEthGateway
2018-01-17 rating Views: 605
2018-01-04 Generation of License Report File (VT System)
Support Note: This Support Note shows you how to generate a license report for devices (VT6104/VT6204 and Vector USB interfaces) which are connected to a VT6000 series module and how to update the licenses on devices which are connected to the VT6000 series module.
2018-01-04 rating Views: 74
2018-01-03 ODXStudio Starts in Wrong Language
The language setting for ODX 2.2.0 and ODX 2.0.1 are separately saved by ODXStudio. Therefore it might happen that you manually start ODXStudio in one language (and for one ODX format), and open with it a PDX of a different format than the used tool. In this case you are unperceived switched to...
2018-01-03 rating Views: 280
2018-01-02 Default Device Configuration for VN5640
To change the default device configuration of your VN5640, please connect it to your PC with USB and use the Vector Hardware Config to adapt the settings to your needs. The modified default device configuration will then be saved on the device flash. It will automatically be used after each power...
2018-01-02 rating Views: 146
2017-12-19 Install Drivers on VN8900 Using a Platform Manager
Question: How do I install drivers on VN8900 using Platform Manager? Answer: Download the VectorDriverDisk in Vector Download Portal. Install the driver using setup.exe. Select VN8900 Interface Family and Vector Platform Manager. Start your VN8900 device and connect it to your PC. Run...
2017-12-19 rating Views: 122
2017-12-19 CANdelaStudio View 8.1 and 8.2 Start as Demo Version
Issue: CANdelaStudio View 8.1 and 8.2 (as part of a hardware based licensed CANoe/CANalyzer/CANape version) start as demo version. The issue has been solved in CANdelaStudio 8.5. Solution: CANdelaStudio View 8.1 requires the hardware license of the bundled main program...
2017-12-19 rating Views: 1793
2017-12-19 vFlash Installation-Error: “Precondition check is failed”
Issue: At the start of the installation of vFlash 3.5, the following error message appears: Solution: Please download this zip-file. Unpack the zip-file and move the contained MSIChainer.exe.config inside the Applications-Folder of the vFlash installation files. The...
2017-12-19 rating Views: 74
2017-12-13 Vector Driver Setup Package 10.4.1 Not fully Supported on Windows 10 >= Version 1607
Issue: The Vector Driver Setup Package 10.4.1 is not fully supported on Windows 10 >= Version 1607 Occurence: This problem only occurs if any driver is installed from Vector Driver Setup 10.4.1 on the following operating system and under the following conditions: Windows 10 version >=...
2017-12-13 rating Views: 261
2017-12-12 How to Adjust a FD Baudrate in the XL Driver Library
Question: How to adjust a FD Baudrate in the XL Driver Library (see capter 5.4.1 and CAN FD demonstration) Answer: The following values are required in: Arbitration: Baudrate: 5kB…2Mbit (depending on the transceiver) tseg1, tseg2: < 255 sjw < 16 ...
2017-12-12 rating Views: 791
2017-12-07 Installation of CANoe Matlab Interface
Question: How to find the CANoe Matlab Interface? Answer: The CANoe Matlab interface installation file is located in: CANoe 7.0-8.2: …CANoe Demos\Demo_Addon\Matlab CANoe 8.5 -9.0: C:\Users\Public Documents\Vector CANoe <version>\Installer Additional Components\Matlab ...
2017-12-07 rating Views: 4220
2017-12-06 No Ground PIN Available at D-Sub Connector of Vector BroadR-Reach (BR) Interfaces
Question: Why is no Ground Pin available at the D-Sub connector of Vector BroadR-Reach (BR) Interfaces? Answer: There is a big difference concerning the galvanic isolation of CAN Interfaces and DC Isolation of BroadR-Reach Interfaces. According to the Open Alliance TC1 100BASE-T system...
2017-12-06 rating Views: 64
2017-12-06 LIN Slave Conformance Tester Test Coverage
English Version: The LIN Slave Conformance Tester includes conformance tests for LIN Slaves of LIN versions 1.3, 2.0, 2.1 (also applicable to 2.2a), SAE J2602-2 2012 and ISO17987:2016. The Conformance Tester covers all test cases for ISO/OSI Layers 2 and 3. Physical Layer (ISO/OSI Layer 1)...
2017-12-06 rating Views: 75
2017-12-06 How to Change CANoe TP Observer Setting for STMin
Question: How can I change CANoe TP Observer setting for STMin? Answer: The ISO 15765-2 since its 2004 version has defined STmin as the minimum time gap allowed between the transmission of two consecutive frames (CF). The previous versions of the standard defined it additionally as to be...
2017-12-06 rating Views: 58
2017-12-04 How to Send an AUTOSAR Signal PDU with CANoe
Question: How can I send an AUTOSAR signal PDU with CANoe? Answer: Create a new Ethernet Configuration Attach the ARXML to the network Add two nodes in the Simulation Setup and configure each node: To use the AUTOSAR Interaction Layer To achieve the desired Network node ...
2017-12-04 rating Views: 155
2017-12-04 How to Set Up Local Network with VN8900 Device
Support Note: The following Support Note describes how to set up a local network with VN8900 device.
2017-12-04 rating Views: 66
2017-11-28 Transceiver Compatibility List
This document provides an overview about the Transceiver Compatibility List like illustrated in this picture:
2017-11-28 rating Views: 6177
2017-11-28 How to Recognize the Format of Your AVB Stream
Question: How can I recognize the format of my AVB stream? Answer: To recognize the AVB type of your video, just replay it using a Replay Bloc Ethernet and have a look at the trace using the appropriate Column Layout. AVTP (IEEE1722): RTP (RFC3550)+ RTP/AVB(IEEE1733): If you proceed...
2017-11-28 rating Views: 188
2017-11-27 Can I Use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5600 to Send/Receive Ethernet Frames?
Question: Can I use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5600 to send/receive Ethernet frames? Answer: Yes, you can. The VN5600 shall be connected to the VN8900 via USB and configured using the Vector Hardware Configuration like indicated below: Previously, the VN5600 Driver should...
2017-11-27 rating Views: 540